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  1. Appreciated, guys! Are any of you having texture issues? I am, and it doesn't make sense to me being that all the textures come with the game...
  2. Wow, nice texturing and filling of the space with entities. I like the architecture of the office with the glass walls especially, well done.
  3. Version 1.0


    Below is my original readme file from 2005....I was 17 years old! The days... So, along with the original "rjasparring.pk3" file, I am also including the never released "Redux" editions that greatly expanded on the original map. It includes mazes, treehouses, forested areas, temples, a tiki bar, a beach, and many graphical and architectural improvements. See the screenshots included for an idea. My current website is http://tristamus.com "Author Nickname: =RJA=Bahamut Author Real Name: Anthony Clan Website: http://bahamut.ezhoster.com Installation Instructions: Simply extract the pk3 file from the .zip file into your /base directory! File Information: This map went through 2 beta stages before it finaly became a FINAl version. Mainly for dueling, I tried to give it a strong atmospheric effect. It took a total of 4 days to complete this map. I put alot of effort into adding little tiny details here and there that any other mapper wouldnt normally do! This is also my first map, but don't let that deter you, I read my tutorials Notes: Some people say they experience problems with the walls or etc.. Mind you, in this level I used defualt textures for EVERYTHING, so there is no possible way for it to be caused by the map. If somethings wrong in the map, its your fault, not mine :b -Thanks to Lucasarts and Raven for making such a great game!"
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