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  1. For the whole one year and more now that I am part of this clan, I've had and still having plenty of enjoyable and nice moments and I am still hyped in progressing up, currently a Jedi Master. JoF is the biggest alive community in JKA with our 116 members currently. The organisation and the structures in Jedi of Freedom are unique and well created. We also offer a 'Form' teaching (advanced saber fighting) to players who reached a certain rank in the clan. We also celebrated our 10th anniversary this year since the clan was established! WOW 10 years! If you guys are interested in being in a active and friendly community, do not hesitate and visit our website for newcomers and fill out an application here: http://jofacademy.eu/ Long Live Jedi of Freedom - {JoF} ! LLJ! <3
  2. "Let us hunt those who have fallen to darkness."

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      seek, convert and recruit :kappa:

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  3. the SKT T1 skin from League of Legends is so dope, mad thanks to Maui for making it real! picture of the real skin in LoL: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-jNUDBIv7_Jw/U0iSGhC3m_I/AAAAAAAAOgI/mlvChbkGbAg/s1600/Vayne_5.jpg
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    Hello people of JKA! Check out the new awesome JoF Trailer here: ============================================================================================= I decided to upload my models here so you guys can download them and see me if we meet somewhere in-game! I'd like to request players to not impersonate me, thanks There are screenshots added for every single model in this file (2 models each with 2 versions) Screenshots taken on {JoF}'s Temple Map. (Download our Temple: http://tinyurl.com/n6gtfh5) ============================================================================================= /model vayne /model vayne/nocape /model vayne/skt /model vayne/skt_noskirt ============================================================================================= Credits: I'd like to say thank you to the following members and friends in {JoF} who did that for me <3 JoF.Hipzie.MW -> He did the dark model (cape and no cape) JoF|Dhim|JM -> He fixed a bug with the sounds of the dark model {JoF}Maui-J -> He created and added the 'SKT T1 Vayne' Model to the .pk3 file ============================================================================================= LLJ!
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