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  1. May the new year bring the dankest of new content and creativity to all...

    1. the_raven


      Aye, kinda late, but a Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Kliff Edge


    Geez. Needed this 10 years ago.
  3. Meh... so little time, not enough coffee.

    1. z3filus


      not enough sleep, goodbye goodnight -.-

    2. Kliff Edge
  4. This looks very promising. Get some decent dialogue/character changes for Kyle and Luke (probably best not to use any well known Jedi masters of the time.). Great mod so far. May only gripe is... please for the love of SCIENCE! get someone to remodel that terrible UV-mapped Battle Droid Rifle I made, like, 10 YEARS AGO, now! Know What? If I have time I'll re-do it myself (but don't depend on that I'm pretty busy these days.)
  5. One day I wanted spoilers, on my car. So I painted "Bruce Willis is a ghost." & "Darth Vader is Luke's Father." on it...

    1. Szico VII
    2. Kliff Edge

      Kliff Edge

      Did the same thing when I went camping last week...

      It was intense.

  6. Holy crap. That was like the first version of that model... ...I should probably just send you the last compile (if it's still in the backups)... which was a vast improvement from this had an improved skin, too...
  7. Aw... I loved where this project was going. I think I still had the unfinished opening CG cutscene, and a few recorded lines, somewhere - I'm not certain if I sent any of the unfinished stuff to him. IF there is a SOLID attempt to finish it, I'd be happy to pick up where I left off on my part (since rendering the opening CG scene would take only minutes today, rather than hours). And voice-acting is something I still do a bit of today.
  8. Version 1.0


    This is a model of the character Ganondorf from the Legend of Zelda. Default skin is with cape. If you want a Ganondorf skin without a cape, open the console and type: "/model ganondorf/default_nocape"
  9. Version 4.0


    This is a model of the character Link from the Legend of Zelda. Included, with this version, as a bonus - is "Young Link", from "Ocarina of Time"/"Majora's Mask" (I tried making him look like a cross between the two). He also has OJP tags, but he looks friggin' huge, unless you have a mod, that allows "Playermodel Scaling" in which I suggest he be at a scale of 65. But most mods limit scaling - so probably 70 - 75, would look fine. I included an NPC file for "Young Link" - so you can atleast see him at the scale he's supposed to be at. I also planned on having Character Customization support, for "Young Link" but I ran out of time. If any one wants to make a patch for this function (ONLY A PATCH) then please do. He just needs the "head_x1, torso_x1 and lower_x1 .skins, and the corresponding icons - the shaders all set up to work, properly.
  10. 707 downloads

    Originally, there was really nothing special about this model, it was basically a "Frankenstien" project, in which I took various pieces of existing Jedi Outcast female models - the only 2 female models (Jan, Tavion), to come up with one that looked half-way normal and had everything needed to create any female skin the skinner desires (Within the models's limits, of course). But after, almost an entire year - It's been vastly improved... So, I'm encouraging skinning on this model, with a few restrictions: -You MUST have this readme.txt, unmodified, with your skin. -The skin(s) is/are from scratch. (Don't use or re-color mine, because they suck and I ripped them off of Raven's models.) Except for the accesories.jpg which I stole from the Jan model - I won't require any re-skinning on that, because it's all Raven's work... + or - some changes. That's pretty much it.
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