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  1. Well, nothing with JK2 mode just doesn't work with OpenJK yet, or at least, I can't get OpenJK to play Jedi Outcast, seemingly, no matter what I do. The game tries to load now but crashed to the main menu, informing me that the imp_pistol is missing LOD 0 but has LOD 1, or that I'm missing a snowflake texture. Thanks for all the help but I guess I'll just wait for the buildbot version.
  2. This was my favorite single player mod! I still replay it from time to time to this day too. I was a beta tester for it too back when it was still being developed, though, I also did make some changes to it myself, things for a little bit of personal preference (and some to look for bugs), which I recall, Anthony Piggott didn't like. This one for example: Got yelled at for this one as I recall. Heh heh! Memories…! Still, it was a very sad day to see this canceled. I was, very much, looking forward to this mod's completion. Shame…but life's business is more important.
  3. My view on my request is simply this: cloning without replacing for a start. The additional weapons would simply be clones of the original weapons currently in the game for a start, basically, for simplicity, and without having to replace the originals. The DH-17 blaster pistol would be a clone of the DL-44 heavy blaster pistol (same function, different model) while the The DH-17 carbine, the DH-17 blaster rifle, and the EE-3 carbine rifle would just be a clone of the E-11 (once again, same function, different models). Once this is implemented, then one could worry about giving them different functions to separate them from the originals if they feel like it. It's all a matter of choice for whom ever takes up the request, well, IF someone decides to take it up. If not, that would be a shame. I'm getting a 404 error, page not found with that link.
  4. I'm only really doing it for practice with texturing itself, not for an actual project.
  5. I think the Dark Forces Mod has at least one of those.
  6. Amazing…still can't run the game. It now gets to the "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away" sometimes before crashing as it can't find some stuff. Also, with Visual Studio 11, I'm getting 128 Errors when I am compiling. This is only with 'Final Build' and 'Release.' 'Debug' is unchecked
  7. I'm trying to compile the code in CMake myself but I keep getting the error: "Error in configuration process, project files may be invalid." I'm using Visual Studio 11 as a compiler, which I have. Edit: Nevermind. I got it. I think my folder Addresses were too long. Moved the source code so it would have a smaller address, which seems to have done the trick. 2nd Edit: Will I be able to generate Open-JK's jk2gamex86.dll with this? If not, how would I be able to? 3rd Edit: Didn't compile jk2gamex86.dll, so how do I compile it? I apologize for asking so many questions. Oh and I already have +set com_jk2 1 placed in a shortcut file. Alternatively in a bat file too. My problem is that selecting a new game in Jedi Outcast Singleplayer immediately crashes OpenJK as the game tries to load the first level. This is because I don't have Open-JK's jk2gamex86.dll. Can't seem to compile it myself either.
  8. Thanks for the reply DT85. The original had a galvanized look to it as well (at least, to me it did), only very toned down and blurry. Originally, that's what I was going for but I decided to take some artistic license on that detail. Tinted glass so to speak. No detail at all in the original. They were just pitch black beforehand. All the edges? Which edges to be precise because I can only think of some of the lighting and shadows? The highlights and shadows were like such on the original, but I agree. I'll also try to add some more detail. I was attempting to copy something on the original, but I can try playing with the levels and see what that accomplishes. Now that you mention it… Definitely a must. I thought so too. What would you recommend? Playing around with the shading? The need of more detail?
  9. I made a little something for this, though I don't think I'm going to continue working on this anytime soon (busy with other things, sadly…might make a few more…). Original switch2.jpg: Mine: Original switch3.jpg: Mine: So, what do you think? Also, I'm also working on switch_broken.jpg and I've done all the light sources. (Haven't tested them in-game yet.)
  10. I think MoonDog is referring to the fact that you mentioned some "accomplishment" of KotF, a "mod" with many mods stolen without permission from their original creators (and Tim, KotF's "creator," taking credit for all the content, himself, none of which is actually his), that was actually a complete scam in order to make money by getting donations, with the obvious lie that he needed the money to "continue" his "mod" with a new pc build. From what I gather, the "mod" was actually never meant to be completed as it never really existed in the first place, just a tool for Tim to make free money, which is highly illegal. Sure, an "Alpha" was released, but it wasn't anything Tim hyped it up to be, and may have been a way to throw his supporters/victims a bone so he can get continued support and more donations, not to mention that the "alpha was completely comprised of stolen content. Because of these facts, any mentioning of KotF, as if it were a "legitimate mod," are met with great and absolute disdain from the rest of the Jedi Outcast/Academy modding community.
  11. Would it be possible to show the bounty's character icon?
  12. Is my only option to obtaining the modified OpenJK jk2gamex86.dll is to compile it myself? Is there a possibility of adding jk2gamex86.dll to the bot build?
  13. Thought so. Thanks. So, where do I get this dll? fabulous_openjk.pk3 doesn't contain it and Buildbot doesn't distribute it as you said. The documentation says it should be in codejk2, but I cannot seem to find it anywhere. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh, thought I should add that the Jedi Academy Single Player campaign works perfectly for me.
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