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Originally, there was really nothing special about this model, it was basically a "Frankenstien" project, in which I took various pieces of existing Jedi Outcast female models - the only 2 female models (Jan, Tavion), to come up with one that looked half-way normal and had everything needed to create any female skin the skinner desires (Within the models's limits, of course). But after, almost an entire year - It's been vastly improved...


So, I'm encouraging skinning on this model, with a few restrictions:


-You MUST have this readme.txt, unmodified, with your skin.


-The skin(s) is/are from scratch. (Don't use or re-color mine, because they suck and I ripped them off of Raven's models.) Except for the accesories.jpg which I stole from the Jan model - I won't require any re-skinning on that, because it's all Raven's work... + or - some changes.


That's pretty much it.


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can i just say how much i LOVE this file?! lol ive been searching for months for a new site to get jedi academy mods from since filrfront crapped out, and this is by far the coolest looking skin ive ever seen for jedi academy.

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Hey I don't know if you still do mods or even play those games anymore but I was wandering if maybe you can make a Jedi Academy version of her with single player support as Jaden cause I love your character & I'd love to use her in singleplayer and also I'd like a multiplayer version as well with bot support and I'd like both Jedi & Civ version in there too. By the way I'm new so I don't know much about modding but if you could do this request for me I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Hey DAK I don't know if you still do modding but I was wandering if you can add her in Jedi Academy for both SP & MP cause I'd love to use both Jedi & Civ versions on SP & MP definitely SP & please make her customizable I would post this on the fourms but it wont let me post anything so this is the only way I can make a mod request but if you are willing to do this or not please let me know. My user is JediDevin94 I'm telling you my user name for just in case if you would like to send me a private message about your answer.

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