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  1. Fixed, thanks for letting us know. Only affected your own account: somebody incorrectly set up your subforum moderation permissions and gave you permissions to moderate the files section by accident. Oops. Should be better now, much appreciate you bringing it up
  2. You'll need to set one of your sv_master addresses in your server.cfg to our master server. For example: set sv_master2 "master.jkhub.org" If it still doesn't work after doing that and restarting your server, you probably have some kind of network issue on your end preventing your server from reaching master.jkhub.org
  3. Added back the privacy policy (link also in footer)
  4. Hello I'm alive. Fixed file star ratings: they're now back 'Contact Us' is now back The text indentation buttons in the post editor are now back Significantly improved spam filtering on contact form and registration form Fixed several mobile bugs that could cause pages to stretch off-screen in awkward ways Lots of cosmetic fixes for unreadable/incorrectly colored text and widgets, including in... The search box PM headers The footer The follow button File pages
  5. I need help, how do get on server... it's been soo many years ;_;


    Also, Hi!

  6. There's plans to do something with that, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Expect me to change it in some way when I can
  7. Just some minor easy tweaks today Mobile theme now has 'log out' and 'mark all as read' links Added spoiler button to post editor 'Services' nav tab now links to the correct page and no longer display weird hover/highlight behavior
  8. I'll be using this thread to track all the changes and bugfixes I make to JKHub. Expect me to post here once or twice a week as I apply rounds of bug fixes. If you see a bug that isn't a cosmetic issue, please post it here, so I have them all in one place. Known bugs: License on files does not show up Image/video embeds are dodgy and show some weird behaviors JKG subforum permissions are broken
  9. Caelum

    Excuse the mess.

    Will fix, no review data has been lost
  10. Caelum

    Excuse the mess.

    Probably down to the specs of your phone and your browser I'm afraid. Out of curiosity, what phone + browser is it? Mobile logout button coming back soon once I fix a minor bug.
  11. I don't think Youtube videos are embedding automatically, just leaving links.

    1. Caelum


      Embeds are a bit dodgy in general right now, will look into it

  12. Caelum

    Excuse the mess.

    Introducing our new back-end software As you might've noticed from the past several days of scheduled maintenance, we've finally updated our backend software! This is a very long overdue upgrade, coming after several years of JKHub seeing no software updates at all. Countless months of work went into this update both on our part, and on third-party developers' parts, as well as unfortunate amounts of money. We know, things are broken No, our portal/front page won't keep looking like this. Yes, we know there are awkwardly colored unreadable fonts in places. We're working on it, and ove
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