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  1. So, I've completed the chapter about two weeks ago and after having to do some things I can write something like a review. And this review will not be spoiler free, so it's not for those who still haven't tried it but intends to do it, obviously.
  2. "Strike at the Core" in Rogue Sqadron II such a pain in the neck when it's your first time walkthroughing it.

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    2. Ramikad


      Love X-Wing Alliance, but I admit I cowardly hid under the main station when the Empire attacked the Repair Station, I think that was mission 6 or 7.

      Also, it needs a Joystick, or it won't start, though there is a trick to get it working without it.

    3. minilogoguy18


      Yeah, I invested in a flight stick just for that game lol. I flew right over the bow on that mission, all guns blazing.

    4. Numfast


      I know about this game ever since I decided to beat the RS2. I will play this, but not righ now,'cause there are too many missions+I have to complete the other game.

      Although intesting story, both (the XWA and RS2) adaptated the DSII battle and included the heist of Tydirium.

  3. "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" http://www.starwars.com/news/the-official-title-for-star-wars-episode-viii-revealed?cmp=smc%7C785924754
  4. The Force is with her and she is one with the Force. Rest in Peace, Carrie Fisher.

  5. Is 16:9 Hud for JO/JA exists? I mean the recreations of original Hud's for 16:9

    1. Circa


      Ashura's simple hud has that, but its not a 1:1 remake, just a minimalistic version.

  6. Jeez. I am laughing so hard https://youtu.be/mq7WE6WiPoA?t=1h47m5s

    1. Cerez


      Hahhahaha! XD What does Obi-Wan have against disabled people, anyway, my little, green mannequin? :D

  7. How it's going? Is everything just stopped for a moment or cancelled?
  8. 239 downloads

    This is english translation for russian mod called "Star Wars Lady Jedi". If you found this file by accident and curious about this mod, it can be found here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/2947-%7B%3F%7D/ -Installation-: Put the "z_engladyjedi" pk3 archive in "LadyJedi" mod folder which can be found in "GameData" directory of the game if you installed mod properly. -Uninstallation-: Delete "z_engladyjedi" pk3 archive from "LadyJedi" folder. -Warning-: Some content of this mod and it's translation are 16+, please take into consideration before downloading and playing.
  9. I will upload them. There are still some things to chek out (one file maybe still on russian), but the levels itself and objectives are completed there.
  10. the_raven, currently I am doing text-translation of the "Lady Jedi". Audio-translation based on my text is possible too, but not by me. The translation will be released after I will upload "Wild Force" here. After that I will move on to translate this mod and WF.
  11. the_raven, look in the same category as this mod. The surprise is waiting you there:)
  12. Well, "Wild Force" actually not so big: some maps there are from original JA completely, some partially. And German language in this mod is just a text from orginal game.
  13. Well. I‘m not so good in acting, so the English voicing is on you, if you want to make one. But at first I need to release "Wild Force" and then I will do a text-translation on English of this mod. I also want to translate "Communication Force" and "Wild Force".
  14. I can do a translation. But after I will upload here "Wild Force". And also I need someone who will fix my grammar errors if I will do them.
  15. Numfast


  16. Just completed walkthrough of the "Lady Jedi" mod. Man, this was awesome in plan of level design and humor.

  17. Just watch prequels on Russian language and you will understand how much this picture is cool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQY98tDrtlc
  18. Numfast

    Demo mission?

    Because this is demo. But nothing can stop you to change force powers for implementing this map into a story.
  19. You used Anakin's face. And this is cool, because it looks better than the original version. Well done by the way.
  20. While Padme isn't home. Lol https://youtu.be/JYszJ520Fm0?t=4m23s

    1. McGroose


      Russian Youtube Poops, man...

      Good stuff

  21. I've been searching this video for six years(because I forgot it's name). Fortunately, it's worth this very long search. https://youtu.be/fdwkOEq4J_Q?t=3m9s

    1. McGroose


      I subscribed to this guy years ago. This shit was way too hilarious for me not to.

  22. Then I saw this picture first I was scared Because Jerek stared at me.
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