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    Hmm, is it only for me, but there is a lot of missing textures!
  2. Version V2.1 Fixed


    Hexes Ghetto JK3 V2 This is a FIXED version, if you had played this map from jk3files.com that was version with several bugs. I this version all those bugs was fixed. About this map: It's a large city map with several building you can get it and a lot of nice dueling places. I think this good map for: Role Playing (I think this map mostly was used on RP servers) Dueling (Has several very nice dueling spaces/arena, some of them isn't so easy to find) Snipers fight (You can get on most of the buidling, perfect for sniping) (some buildings has secret teleports to get on it) Training vs NPC (You can find 2 spaces where you can spawn enemy or friendly npc) And for sure HAVING FUN! (A lot secret places, and places to explore) About secrets: First try to find a maze and then move on hint (Ghetto or Garden) !!! To load it on server type !!! ----- type /map ^2Hexes_^1Ghetto^22 ---- !!! If you will run this (Fixed versions) on server it won't be matter which version your client uses this will be bugs free!!!
  3. Version JK2


    Well, not to much to say, better explore it by your self, Its really optimised for good FPS, so don't afraid to lag! Has several really nice duelling arena where you can challenge your mates! It also has some secrets, hint for that Ghetto.
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