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  1. I think the campaign was pretty bland, definitely. If they hadn't made the main character a typical redemption story, it would have been truly epic, imo. Ended up being way too typical. Multiplayer really shines in any place that the heroes and villains aren't present. They essentially ruin the game's entire premise and structure and are incredibly frustrating to play as and against. I love playing in the small modes that have heroes disabled, like Blast and Strike. Unfortunately they never made additional content for those modes after the TLJ DLC, and lacked in maps at launch in the firs
  2. Just a reminder that this is deal is now live. Pretty crazy deal for a AAA title.
  3. Article about a lot this, and basically states the exclusivity deal with EA is now over, though they will still be making Star Wars games. https://www.starwars.com/news/lucasfilm-games-interview
  4. They just announced a new non-EA game, an open world Star Wars game, developed by Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment (The Division). Extremely excited! Ubisoft isn’t perfect, but I think Massive is probably one of their best studios in terms of game vision, ability, and dedication.
  5. Well they just announced a new Indiana Jones game being developed by Bethesda’s studio Machine Games. So it’s looking likely we will be getting even more.
  6. Or as many people will call it: the return of LucasArts under a new name. Source: StarWars.com They announced this sort of "rebrand" today as the main IP behind all Star Wars and other Lucasfilm properties going forward. Of course, this doesn't necessary mean that they will be publishing their own games again, but this does mean they could be planning to license out more games beyond just EA's contract. We already see that in the case of the Lego Star Wars games. This could be a very good start in the right direction. Notice how they gave a very short glimpse at Jedi A
  7. Invision Community software updated to 4.5.x (finally) Please report any serious bugs to me. This update broke the theme, so many things are slowly being caught and fixed. Button style changed to match the logo gradient. Comments and reviews have swapped places on file pages. Only review a mod if you have actually used or at least taken a good look at it. Otherwise just leave a comment.
  8. All of the ones on the links page should still be active.
  9. Most RP groups have scheduled RP events and stay in touch in Discord servers. There are some posted in the Communities section, and on the links page.
  10. I seem to remember it being in a huge saber hilt pack from way back in the day. I’ll have to search my archive to see.
  11. @bigphil2695 are you loading from a save file? You should be able to reload whatever map you were on from the first autosave it made for that map and load fine. If not, just try reloading the map you were on in the console with the map command.
  12. Welcome! A good place to start is probably the links page: https://jkhub.org/links
  13. Very nice. I had started a project to use an AI upscaler to do this, but looks like you’re much farther along and probably have much better results than I would. Can’t wait to see it released!
  14. I believe it’s something on the server end and out of our control right now. If it continues to happen over the next few days I’ll continue to investigate. It is affecting everyone.
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