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  1. Updated with new plot as community has been relaunched. All members are welcome!
  2. Take away the red colour and make it more metalic and dark. Makes it more fearsome and daunting.
  3. When will we see a Jedi Leia model version 2? (Which includes a fix for the missing eyes)
  4. No idea why he is ginger though. Otherwise, good model.
  5. Where can I find that Kyle replacement as well?
  6. Issue resolved. Will just use 7-Zip from now on to access files that don't want to open in pakscape.
  7. Nope. Still refuses to open no matter what I try. No error message either, but what is most strange is that certain other PK3 files open but any of the Assets do not. They must be corrupted. Any idea where I can replace them?
  8. I thought it was corrupted but my JKA works fine with no problems. I have tried opening it using pakscape and double clicking but no error comes up, just refuses to open. :S
  9. I know how to skin but since deleting all my old skinning stuff, i'm getting back into it. Now I need access to _humanoid to put into my dummy base folder but I just can't seem to get assets1.pk3 to open in pakscape as the title says. Any other file I can open so I'm a little confused. Corrupt file maybe?
  10. RPG Jedi Academy The Jedi, nearly purged from the galaxy, have scattered throughout the galaxy to escape the might of the Empire. However there are still sparks of hope in the galaxy. The Empire located a group of Jedi hidden amongst the wookiee warriors of Kashyyyk. Amongst the Imperial Forces who went to Kashyyyk, EMPEROR PALPATINE and DARTH VADER arrived to oversee the destruction of the Jedi. After weeks of Battle and many Imperials and Jedi had fallen, leaving few to fight. Before the Imperial Reinforcements could arrive, a Jedi Master by the name of Kenal Jin rallied the remaining Jedi
  11. What ever happened to standard roleplaying communities where you could just join, post a bio and roleplay rather than have to become part of this silly clan business.
  12. Easier said than done when people stick to their own cliques and refuse to band together for the purpose of roleplay. Also grudge holding seems to be one of the main reasons we are failing. But yes, I agree with you on pretty much everything you have said.
  13. I don't have steam. I have xfire if you want to add me then you can. (Breakdown94) I think an apology is due tbh
  14. Lmfao so what you are saying is that over my roughly ten years of role playing every community has suddenly died as soon as I arrived? I find that very pathetic as you don't even know me and I doubt you would be able to give examples. I am honestly disappointed in how stupid some people can be because they believe everything they hear. My communities thrived with a minimum of six players on a night and most weekends would see the server full to 14/14. And as well, that was over the space of probably about 2 years when it comes to all of my communities added together. So you are wrong, wrong
  15. You claim to be very nice to your members yet I am banned on sight for something completely unrelated which happened over a year ago? On second thought, no I won't be joining. Enjoy.
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