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  1. Been waiting so long for a new role playing community. Thought they were all dead. Will visit this place if I can get time.
  2. I have my own personal version which includes a nice sniper rifle and the T-21 stormtrooper rifle rather than the fletchette. But yes, very good mod if I might add
  3. People should make more Chiss models and skins tbh
  4. Version V1


    *********************************** Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy *********************************** TITLE: Nar'leigh'cia AUTHOR: Captain Leeroy E-MAIL: therealpakored123@gmail.com WEBSITE: http://w11.zetaboards.com/RPG_JediAcademy/index/ FILENAME: zzzzz_narlafinal.pk3 FILESIZE: 4.17 MB DATE RELEASED: 11th January, 2015 CREDITS: Thanks to the author of the model Gweth Kelia & special thanks to Dante Kardo who made most of the reskinning possible. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just put the zzzzz_narlafinal.pk3 into: 'Jedi Academy/GameData/Base' folder. DESCRIPTION: This is the skin for
  5. Are there any decent RP communities/servers out there that -AREN'T- clan based or are they all dead? I'm tired of all these RP clans, would rather just join a community I can roleplay at freely.
  6. Captain Leeroy

    Nug's Skins

    Neat. I particularly like the Ben Kenobi one
  7. Unfortunately no, but it does have new sounds.
  8. Version Final


    *********************************** Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy *********************************** TITLE: Darth Necriss AUTHOR: Captain Leeroy E-MAIL: Breakdown94@msn.com WEBSITE: http://w11.zetaboards.com/RPG_JediAcademy/index/ FILENAME: zzzz_Darth_Necriss.pk3 FILESIZE: 4.87 MB DATE RELEASED: 14th July, 2014 CREDITS: Thanks to the author who made Darth Talon. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just put the zzzz_Darth_Necriss.pk3 into: 'Jedi Academy/GameData/Base' folder. DESCRIPTION: This is the final version of the Darth Necriss skin which I have worked on for quite some time. Much like Dar
  9. I'd join but I don't like the idea of it being a clan. So no thank you.
  10. Same colour scheme would be nice, also something that goes really well with the forum. And possibly a holographic effect like the other art work?
  11. What the hell? Lmfao, I guess he is right. I'll delete this and re-upload.
  12. Let me post a link here for you: http://w11.zetaboards.com/RPG_JediAcademy/index/
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