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  1. Yes, from what I've seen I agree with you. It seems a solid game but a pity that they have not been inspired by the lightsaber combat of Jedi Knight. Thanks for the comment.
  2. Has anyone already played JFO? How does it compare to Jedi Academy / Jedi Outcast?
  3. I agree, but I would make the story suit the gameplay, not the other way around, so if the funniest thing is the combat between lightsaber wielders, then I would choose a period where the lightsaber wielders are very common. It is that if I have to choose between the combat between lightsaber wielders of Jedi Academy or the combat between a lightsaber wielder and gunners of The Force Unleashed, I prefer the former, although the ideal would be both.
  4. I don't think it's bad, but I wanted them to based on Jedi Academy lightsaber combat. But it seems that Jedi Academy is already too old unfortunately.
  5. I have not played the wii version of TFU 2, thanks for the information. About dash, it would be interesting that dash did not replace super speed, something like Quantum Break.
  6. I agree that the powers of TFU are superior to JA and JO, but I dislike that TFU lacks of Force sense or Force speed. I also don't like that the only way to heal you is by killing enemies, since suppose you are facing a single boss; The boss is formidable and you need to heal more than ever, but you can't do it because there are no other enemies out there. Of course TFU solves it by adding weak enemies to the battlefield, but I feel they give me medikits instead of boss reinforcements. About lightning, I agree that it should be able to stun some enemies. Although it doesn't bother me at leve
  7. I'm re-playing Survival mod 2: Revenge Of The Droids for Jedi Academy and I thought that the Force powers of Jedi Academy (same with Jedi Outcast) are not very cool or spectacular. It is only my opinion and I also think that better with these powers than without them, but there goes this reflection. Force jump is essential, but I think the jump would have to be faster and add more parkour elements such as clinging to edges or even flying. It might also be good for Force jump to have its own cooldown, independent of the other powers, so that you are not totally helpless.
  8. I do not expect a Jedi Knight combat, but I would like it, because it is still one of the best melee combat systems to date.
  9. But then they would have to flee, since it is not sensible to face a Jedi with that gear and not being a Force user.
  10. There are already melee enemies. I think it would not change much if they carried lightsabers instead, because the game is not going to capture what makes lightsaber special, that is, great cutting power.
  11. But in the video there are still a lot of melee enemies, even though they do not have lightsabers, so I still think they should have been inspired by Jedi Academy lightsaber combat. On the other hand, I do not understand how there are so many stormtroopers with melee weapons; if I were one stormtrooper, I would put as much distance as possible between me and the enemy and try to attack with ambushes and at a distance. Of course, the same could be said of the protagonist.
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