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Darth Talon version 2 - RGB enhanced

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Using Tyrael64's twi-lek reskin to create the Darth Talon skin we all love, I have created a version 2 with added clothing options and most importantly (for me atleast!) RGB.




This started out as a simple reskin for a friend of mine Fuzzy/sMile when we all came back to JKA and started playing in a JA+ community again, but it quickly turned into something a little bit more involved as I was playing with frankensteining at the time. It's a skin that you have to see to appreciate, as a lot of the change to the skin since Tyrael's skin was released is only seen in-game, when the RGB takes control and you can also look through the species selection to see how much choice you have now. You will see in the readme that I made this skin months ago, i've just been pretty busy to really release anything, so everything's being released at once, like christmas is coming early for you guys lol.


You can see a full list of the icons that display what clothing options are available in this skin here:



I have now uploaded some screenshots to give you a better idea of what's inside the PK3. It features Darth Malgus's respirator, Darth Sion's shoulderguard and Darth Revan's hood; a bunch of sith lord attire for one badass lady of the sith. There are also many specular and glowing shaders which you will notice when you use it in-game. Most importantly for me is the RGB functionality that I have introduced, but it also has a bunch of fresh new icons, using a new background template I have put together to make it stand out from the standard default JK3 icon image that we all use.


It was crazy to send Tyrael a message for credits, not expecting any kind of response but to hear him be impressed with what I have done and sound so enthusiastic, even after him being away from JKA for so long. Things like this give you that motivation to continue what you are doing, even if it's something which to yourself seems to simple, and knowing that frankensteining isn't half as difficult as it would have been back then before the plugins we have now were available.

I hope you like what I have done, hopefully there won't be any issues with the skin. I have also made it inside a "jedi_.." folder to avoid any RGB conflicts with team game modes and such. If you have any problems feel free to contact me and i'll update the skin. Again this skin wouldn't have been possible without Tyrael's original Darth Talon skin, so a big thank you goes out to him.






...and so it begins



Now for the important bit.

This skin was initially created for a friend as a personal skin, but I do understand that this is simply a generic star wars themed skin with extra model parts. If you wish to modify this skin then please tell me so I can see what you have done, but as far as using the skin is concerned I don't mind. This is uploaded onto a public community site so you're more than welcome to use it for yourself and enjoy it. If you re-upload it with any changes or intend to use it elsewhere please give the credit where it's given (all original README files are included in the PK3, so don't be lazy).


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I've added some more pictures so you can get an idea of what's inside the PK3, as this isn't only an RGB darth talon reskin.

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