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  1. What? No. This is my personal skin. It had nothing to do with Naruto. Lol
  2. Version Version 2


    A Mirialan Jedi Padawan who lived during the Old Republic Era and one of my favourite self made characters. *********************************** Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy *********************************** TITLE: Sasha Vendark AUTHOR: Captain Leeroy E-MAIL: Breakdown94@msn.com WEBSITE: http://w11.zetaboards.com/RPG_JediAcademy/index/ FILENAME: zzzz_Sasha_Vendarkv2.pk3 FILESIZE: 2.81 MB DATE RELEASED: 6th July, 2014 CREDITS: Thanks to the author who made gweth kelia. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just put the zzzz_Sasha_Vendarkv2.pk3 into: 'Jedi Academy/GameData/Base' folder. DESCRIPTI
  3. It's called RPG Jedi Academy This is what the current banner looks like, but I think we can make a better one if anyone is willing to help: http://i912.photobucket.com/albums/ac321/OptimusPr1me/Jediacademy3_zpsd3f95238.png
  4. Version Final


    *********************************** Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy *********************************** TITLE: Darth Celist AUTHOR: Captain Leeroy E-MAIL: Breakdown94@msn.com WEBSITE: http://w11.zetaboards.com/RPG_JediAcademy/index/ FILENAME: zzzz_Darth_Celist.pk3 FILESIZE: 1.59 MB DATE RELEASED: 6th July, 2014 CREDITS: I would like to credit and thank {NS}Headhunter{SL} for creating the original skin which I was able to use to produce this skin. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just put the zzzz_darth_celist.pk3 into: 'Jedi Academy/GameData/Base' folder. DESCRIPTION: This is the final version o
  5. Yep, it was set to one. //==============================// basejka Main//============================== seta sv_hostName "^4R^5PG ^4J^5edi ^4A^5cademy"seta g_motd "Welcome to RPG Jedi Academy"seta g_weaponDisable 524278seta g_allowVote 1seta g_gameType 0seta g_autoMapCycle 1seta timeLimit 0seta fragLimit 0seta sv_maxClients 32seta g_allownpc 1 and //==============================// JA+ Admin//============================== seta jp_councilPass "xxxxx"seta jp_knightPass "xxxxx"seta jp_instructorPass "xxxxx"seta jp_councilLoginMSG "%s ^7is logged as an ^3admin council."seta jp_knightLoginMSG "%
  6. I pay for a JKA dedicated server (RPG Jedi Academy), and have enabled NPC spawning for admins in my server. Certain NPC spawns work, such as /npc spawn jawa , /npc spawn rebel , and /npc spawn stormtrooper - however, a plethora of them do not work, such as /npc spawn trandoshan , /npc spawn saboteursniper , and /npc spawn tusken. I have no idea as to why this could be, and my fellow admin theDoge was the one who brought this to my attention. I'm assuming there's some minor edit needed in the server .cfg or something, but like I said, I have no idea. Any and all help would greatly be appreciate
  7. Hello. I have recently had to uninstall my adobe photoshop and won't be able to install it again for a while, so I was wondering if anyone here would kindly help me make a banner to go with my forums for my RP server. If anyone is interested, add me on xfire: Breakdown94
  8. Very interesting... I will pop by
  9. Do you have any idea when a release will be made? I keep asking Tendrone and all I can get is 'soon'. I'd have a specific date.
  10. Any progress on this mod? I know I've played it before with Eximius/Tendrone and I thought it was really good.
  11. Feel free to visit our forum if you are still looking for a community. We are fairly new and still growing so every member counts. http://w11.zetaboards.com/RPG_JediAcademy/index/
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