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Mino's Mediocre Maps

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Why mediocre? It's actually very neat! The building might not look as smooth as in the above mentioned anime, but getting that kind of dome, attached to a different form from the other side – might be a bit tricky. I guess, you could use more Bevels, Cylinders and Arches for some parts of the structure. 

For example the entrance could use 2 brushes as walls and an archway above. You can use the Thicken option to complete the look.

However, as I said, I like the cubic form of the dome you'd created: it could certainly look that way if the builders used square parts. Not sure about the mountains – is it a recoloured MD3 or is it a Skybox?

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Hah, thank you!

The dome is actually just a solid sphere brush chopped in half. I am really struggling with creating hollow domes at the moment. I'm quite confident with bevels, cylinders and arches but it's where to put them is what I'm having the issue with. I get to a point where I just sit and stare at the map until I think to add something to 'flesh it out' a bit more.

As for the mountains, I believe they are vjun cliffs. I tried hoth mountains_a and mountains_b but for some reason they weren't rendering properly. 

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It's an excellent start, and a great idea to take as a source! The interior is particularly nice. Extending the ground out a little further from the house might give it less of a floating island feel and beveling the edges where he sharp corners meet could make it feel more realistic, but it is already better than many can do and has great atmosphere!

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On 11/3/2022 at 1:37 PM, Tchefuncte Bonaparte said:

Great start! I've been wanting some visions content for this game. Been trying to work on the Ronin myself but I don't really know what I'm doing

I've been really tempted to do the village from Ep 1 "The Duel", I like the japanese village aesthetic, it's done in a way that makes sense for the SW universe.

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A new map I've created for RP to be used as a 'trial' or 'lesson' for Force Sense. 

- Start chamber

- Pitch black labyrinth with multiple different passageways to the end

- End chamber


I haven't quite figured out how to get surfaceparm forcesight to work yet so the glyphs won't appear in MP but I'll get there eventually. For the time being, we need to spawn in NPC's throughout the labyrinth.

Went for an old temple type feeling to it with atmospheric lighting from torches and crystal lamps.






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Some sneak peaks at a new urban market district I'm creating. Kind of a nar shaddaa type feel to it. I'm still not feeling too confident in my own textures but I have done a few neon signs for it. 

Most textures are from neotokyo and mb2_cmp_nar_shaddaa 🙂 Quite happy with how its turning out. This is a going to be a setting with my RP Community ::JEDI::











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