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    Hey everyone, 3-4 of us original Jedi Outcast developers are going to be on a Twitch livestream with Gamasutra today answering questions about the game.
    3PM EST
    Join us!


    Listening to it right now and hear you speaking. 


    That Decision to make game as mod able as possible - was the best decision and Thanks to You we have amazing mods and a lot of communities.

    Yesterday i had Diploma in my university. I was making game in Unity for the first time. But i will say this - Most hours i spent on computer for 6-7 years was modding Jedi Academy. And Thanks for that i managed to make game with models and animations. And here i am after polish japanese academy of information technology with diploma rank 5 with distinction. 


    BIG Thank You @@MGummelt for everything and thanks your team and also thanks JkCommunity. We all making Star Wars Great!


    EDIT: Nar Shaddaa street .. One of my favourite and most hated level from Jedi Outcast XD This map is so goddamn hard. But it gives most nostalgic feeling for me.

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  2. Hello There!

    I want to set for one weapon to use force power as ammo. I thought it will be easy - just to set it as ammotype 1 in weapons.dat. But it doesnt work like this. It shows 100  on the right but when i reach 0 - i cant get ammo back. even with cheat codes. This ammunition is like some forgotten part of the code.  

    From observation in code in general force powers points are some kind of ammuniation type but it counts as something separately. Does anyone know how to achieve this? 
    Because in one of my mods - i changed force power to just battery energy


    The NPC in question has the below settings:
    affect ( "master_enemy", /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH )
    set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_LOOK_TARGET", "player" );
    set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_ENEMY", "player" );
    set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_NO_COMBAT_TALK", "true" );
    set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_NO_ALERT_TALK", "true" );
    set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_LOOK_FOR_ENEMIES", "true" );
    set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_IGNOREPAIN", /*@BOOL_TYPES*/ "true" );
    set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_UNDYING", "true" );
    This seems to be no problem for the two other sparring partners in the level, but for some reason this one thinks it's special and just outright dies instead, like so:




    Am I missing something? If someone's able to help out with this, that'd be awesome.  ^_^


    Stupid question but - This script is loaded when? It means to affect on the master_enemy. If Script is turned on when npc is not loaded yet - it wont affect the npc. You need npc to load with npc_targetname (YOU NEED to add npc_targetname not targetname._


    I suggest to make npc entity in gtkradiant like this


    - make npc jedi_master

    - add spawnflag  spawnscript <yourfolderscripts>/master_jedi_scr

    -you change this file and remove the affect. Just leave alone these lines 




    set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_LOOK_TARGET", "player" );

    set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_ENEMY", "player" );

    set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_NO_COMBAT_TALK", "true" );

    set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_NO_ALERT_TALK", "true" );

    set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_LOOK_FOR_ENEMIES", "true" );

    set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_IGNOREPAIN", /*@BOOL_TYPES*/ "true" );

    set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_UNDYING", "true" );


    -make the master_jedi_scr script file and add it in your pk3.


    Load the map. Spawnscript in the spawnflag simply applies the script on the entity that is using it when spawning. It will work on something else if you add the affect. You dont need to put affect in this case - because from what i understand you want it to work when he spawns right? Like i said - scripts with affect works in cutscenese for example because it affects existing entity that were already spawned. I think this script activates when jedi_master is not around. 


    Hope it all makes sense what i typed.

  4. Well this thread is very far in the forums.. And it is not only about my project .


    @@swegmaster - read here



    I will start like this - i dont like to be an asshole. I never want to be someone like that.


    Have one of the worst times of my life actually right now - huge amount of stress and completely lost feeling on making any modding right now... i will not tell you for how long.

    I have personal problems with people discord and Specially my - own person too. Which i will NOT describe.


    But i will share the truth about myself in some way. You see - i am not ok guy. And i never was. I honestly feel like garbage human being. Bad person who just spent most of time on making content for old star wars game...

    If anybody from my words get offensed in some way - i am talking about myself only. There is nothing wrong with modding Jk3 and Jk2 - one of the best games of SW in general. I am not calling anyone bad because he is modding old game. I am talking about myself ... it is important how and when the creation part come from.


    Playing games and escaping the responsibility by sitting on my ass making all of this "amazing great awesome maps"... It is not about you people - dont get me wrong. I am not saying that i dont give a shit anymore because people are rude and they ae attacking me. Clearly - the fact when i told that rape jokes "arent that funny" because for me - they are disgusting offensive and horrible - i was attacked by bunch of assholes on movie battles II general channel - because some "strong men" have some balls to defend stupid jokes about sexual harrasment on women... on discord chat. Wow


    But the point is.. how these things were made. and when Modding in general was in some way my way of escape. .. from... problems . It Helped me to concentrate on the projects .. be calm for some time. Make things i enjoy have fun.. I love creativity - drawing, modeling mapping etc. But the truth is - it was immature childlish and disgusting - because problems i was facing i wasnt facing alone. Sharing with people images and seeing their reactions - Personaly modding in general made me feel better. But after time - it got me to the worst feeling. For the most part - i was the problem. And i still am (i will not share any details).


    Personal life ..over modding. I didnt catch that and it seems i didnt understand it enough - so i dont deserve both of this.


    So i am .. done with escaping and also i personaly think i dont deserve and dont want to make anything now. And i wont tell you when - it might even be never.

    I completely couldnt stand looking at discord chat. I couldnt even watch forum. It was asshole move - i couldnt type why i am not here or on discord.


    I might talk confusing shit or things that people dont give a shit. I am not deserve great praises and kind words. Guy who is making cool models or maps or artworks and who is complete dickhead asshole or monster in real life - We should consider if we want to follow his work and say nice things to him. I will think about myself and all people from Jkhub and Discord - in the same way. So my advice - think twice when you say about - someone he is cool or when you say - your works are cool!

    Great models maps are not making somebody better person... It never worked like that - at least for me.


    Life is shit sometimes... but the worst is when you are a problem and Others suffer. And you cant fix anything. I might be amazing modder - but i wont say the same about who i am.



    That is why i am and i will be offline.



    Have .. a great year . . be strong.


    -Dont PM me. Anywhere. For your own good.

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  5. Guys, @@scp_chaos1's mod is stuck in development hell and needs some help.

    Here's the mod's page: https://www.moddb.com/mods/scp-chaos-ops


    For anyone wondering, SCP Chaos Ops is the name of the mod.


    The list of things he needs for his mod are not long at all, as he has already done some content (models and maps).

    However, he still needs more playermodels in order to continue development, and he's waiting for months for someone to help him.

    He would gladly appreciate any help to bring this mod further.


    Anyone who is interested can either reply here or contact @@scp_chaos1 through personal message.


    Synopsis (source: ModDB):


    The Earth and everything has changed forever. It is the year 2085 and humanity has retreated long after the catastrophe of the 3rd world war, to the point of going back to such an extent that it can not advance further. In this same year, the independence of The Town is commemorated. A population that used to be America. This population, considered as the fenix, has resurfaced and is angry. The events that led to the end of the war affected the American man, to the point that they evolved into a new species. Not physically, if not mentally. Now they are asking for revenge against their rival and enemy power. The new republic of Russia.



    @@Jeff @@Langerd @@The Punisher @@AshuraDX, is there anything you can help with? Or do you at least know someone who can?

    Working on own projects, have a lot stuff to do and i work in MDII and MBII .. 


    And my position is like Jeff.. Sry. Hope you will find some one tfor help!

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  6. Well, baby steps and you did a basic block out of what could become a warcraft hand painted asset. The reason it looks like it does is because you have a very restricted color palette.


    You say it didn't end up looking the way you wanted...and that is a very important statement: what kind of reference did you gather? Was it your goal to make it look realistic? If so you need to get as much references as possible and break down how you can replicate the different materials of the object. Something like this for example, lot's of interesting details going on:






    Once you have done the clean version, you can really go to town giving it personality with wear n' tear and surface details that aren't modeled in. If you don't have photoshop or something equivalent it will take an insanely long time to master painting at a realistic level. That's where photo manipulation comes into play and i don't mean slapping on a picture you pull off google and calling it done.

    Well.. many times i use images from google but i never used any like you descibed - slap a picture and change uv laout to fit the model. I many times saw people making guns, weapons like this - Uv layout from view and change it to fit the picture of the axe for example. And i agree - It looks really cheap. Bad and not natural at all.


    I suggest @@Noodle to paint colors like you did and later use layers blend modes like overlay or multiply, use ambient occlusion because it works fine and also dont be afraid to edit texture in program like photoshop or paint.net - believ me or not i use this 100% of the time and it is enough for me to achieve a lot. Maybe it is not professional program - Still can achieve some good looking results. Use images not to just slap the picture but to make material, real texture or use it as blend layers to make scratches, dirt, holes, burn marks etc. The default JK3 textures that you used - these also can be changed or better yet added to your new made texture and later edit in some way to create something new. 

  7. People one thing on mind - @@AngelModder is artist and modder . Yes he dont own us everything and yes we cant say that his decision was awful. He has rights to do whatever he wants with his works. And his account here as well. 

    I personally understand this decission. Modding and making projects are not always made to share with others. It many times ends with unfinished projects for artist who made it as well. I have many projects i havent finished and i might never finish them at all. 

    And we are people. He has some personal live problems and things on mind. Maybe we dont share here with this kind of stressful topics but i will say - if anyone has problems like this just share you have very not ok time lately.

    I dont feel that most of us here were looking only on your map AngelModder. But we looked at the member of this community who worked hard on his own project - i personally think you are creative and you made some amazing stuff. But we are not modding machines and i am not treating you like one. And i think most of us are thinking the same way. 

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    I've been meaning to do this for a while but I needed to think it through. This thread has been created to help further develop all modding skills by a self-imposed challenge that will consist on the daily production of an asset that can be used by the community for their modding projects. 
    Anyone is free to participate as long as they follow these simple rules.
    a) You must try to upload something daily. It doesn't matter the level of complexity of the thing you upload, the idea is to keep going as long as you can. If you fail at this point, you can restart whenever you please. 
    b) Whatever you release must have a free license. The whole purpose of this exercise is that others can freely use your content on their own mods. 
    c) No ports allowed. Everything you post here should be allowed to be posted in the files section. 
    Keeping those rules in mind, these are the things you can and can't do in this thread:
    Things you can do: 
    - Modelling, texture-work (reskins or brand new textures), animations, mapping, kitbashes (as long as they use content that has been made for JA and as long as the model you use has a free license), etc. 
    - Criticize other people's work on a constructive manner (i.e: this is wrong, here's how you should do it). 
    - Improve or modify what other people have previously posted here. 
    - Post the source files of whatever you do so others can study and learn from your work. 
    Things you can't do:
    - Request others to do stuff. 
    - Post inflammatory comments masquerading as criticism (i.e: this is shit, kill yourself)
    - Posting pictures of a WIP without a link to download the file (this is not a WIP page). 
    Having said that, here's my first daily upload. A simple "fuel-tank" asset I created to avoid having to do it in GTKRadiant. 



    Man, I'd love to participate, but my life is so irregular in terms of being able to work on a computer, it's nearly impossible to keep posting things on a daily basis. Though I'm thinking about joining on a weekly basis. :)

    Agree with daily basis. Weekly would be better + it would give everyone more time to polish. 


    Or maybe 3-4 days max. PLUS i would suggest this - Everyone is making the same star wars topic - we mostly want to keep Star Wars content fresh.


    Meaning like - This time topic is? Jedi Outcast ! Everyone is sharing with what they made. And what next? New topic :D and so on and so on ..


    and everyone is trying to make something around jedi outcast topic. 4 days is in my opinion the best option. 7 is to long and 1 day is not giving enough time to do something polished. Of course i am talking about live, college and job.


    EDIT: Btw @@Noodle . I dont know if it is done on purpose but your MD3 has 250 frames of animation. If you dont want to make animations for this MD3 i suggest to export it with one frame only. Less space in files 

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  9. So Im already working on a better version. Thanks @@Daedra for making this topic so I could have realised what can be improved  :winkthumb:  :D 

    How it looked before:unknown.png?width=703&height=407

    How it looks now (still in progress):





    1. Boots were replaced by more quality version.

    2. Toshi's belt was replaced by DT85's one from his TFA Luke model with my addition of belt holder.

    3. Reskinned face and head from Force Arena with face lifting and beard edit. When I cut mullet it would look like this:




    4. Would like to improve robe textures and then Im going to improve shape of his hood as was suggested.

    Way WAY better . Good Job @@Tompa9

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  10.  Nope, easy, it's all "hard surface", in fact it would be perfect for beginners. Each bone rigged as a separate object (except some blended weights on the spine) to the corresponding bone on the skeleton. Like rigging robots.

    Aaahhh yeah logical. More organic , with clothing models seems harder than robots or models like this. Specially because - rigging skeleton to skeleton :P.  


    I looked from how many these objects this model has. Someone can make retopology on it and bake textures from this high poly version. 

    but i am pretty sure we can just merge most of torso parts into one object. 



    But it will take some time no doubt.

  11. SP should been fixed. And i will talk about itater in the post.

    The movement is in my opinion better in SP no doubt. Also fighting and animations are smoother.

    For me MP feels very ... stiff. And most of people use red style which even in SP is OP.

    But i dont agree that it requires no skill. If we are talking about cultist using lightsaber or default orange reborn.. yeah. But Reborn master or fighting 2-3 new reborns or shadowtroopers - the Challenge is here.

    The main problem are the bugged animations and quick change of attack animations. Go back to Jedi Outcast II lightsaber combat. Look at the normal lightsaber slashes. Specially red style. You cant start new attack until Kyle will end his swing. In Jk3? You can slash forward suddenly on left , right (there is one bug in red style that allows you inifite saber slash. I believe it is back left and mouse left button. You can do it none stop. It feels like jedi has baseball bat not a lightsaber). There is no cooldown. Also i hate that enemies can do dodges or moves that player cant do.

    Reborns can use force jump to go faster distance - player can get only higher to be honest.
    New reborns can stop Katas whenever they want to. You can do it to with force push but it doesnt stops right away.
    They can also roll while laying on the ground.

    Not mentioning reborn who can jump from the floor to the top of the building of he can. I mean.. what!?

    But yeah.. main issue is that lightsaber slashes are too spammy. There should be cooldown for both player and enemy on lightsaber attacks.


    I edited post because it has many errors. Sry typing on phone is bad.

  12. I was going to stop because everything appeared solved, source code was released etc... But then I saw something today that I would like to share with you all. This isn't about the mod. It's about the devs and their childish attitude.  My first comment on their moddb page was "Source Code?" . It was deleted in few hours for god knows why reason. Then I thought that md will stay closed-sourced (they can't do that with OpenJK - insert mb2 meme here) and that devs delete all uncomfortable comments. This pissed me off so I gave a negative review.  Meanwhile they harassed some Innocent Redemption guy. So as I said, I was going to stop the hate and probably withdraw my bad review but then I saw this on moddb reviews page:




    LoL Lol lol @@Tompa9

    Fake reviews? Looks like you are going into the right direction... I'm tired of this bullshit and I won't tolerate it anymore. Each time you just prove my point that MD team is just a bunch of kids with little attention. For the sake of JK community this has to stop.

    So here are my demands:


    1.You will publicly apologize me for deleting my comments and talking bad things about me ( on your discord server ).


    2.You will counter those 3 fake "10" reviews with another 3 "1" reviews on moddb page. You will admit your falsity, hypocrisy, childish behaviour and apology for that:


    - " We admit that we deleted negative comments and we apology for that - MD Team"

    - " We admit that we gave fake reviews to our mod and we apology for that - MD Team"

    - " We admit that we are a bunch of kiddos with too little attention and we apology for that - MD Team"


    These are my terms and this is your chance to end everything now before it gets worse. You have 3 days to do it. Time's up. If you refuse or fail to meet the requirements in time I will destroy "your" mod. Better think it over. Have a good day :)

    Well i am not developer of this mod even if i helped people working on it. 


    But these threats are so funny :D like you talk some serious shit. 


    First of all you came from nowhere on jkhub like an alien on earth (from your nick and avatar it is even more hilarious) and you even created account on moddb this year. 

    If people like the mod and want to support it - even if they are from the same country as the creator this means they give fake review? 


    From what i saw this thread is one of the most active nowadays topics here on forums + people enjoy the changes and also THEY are aware that this is NOT steal project - it is called  - 


    STAR WARS: Movie Duels (Remaster of “Movie Duels II”)

    It is not hard to just type Movie Duels II in google. If this thread would be called - Movie Duels II original - This could be called fake stolen. 


    Telling that some "innocent Redemption guy" - 


    - from what i understand you dont even know him and situation. I am not aware of this situation too but how you can defend some one who you dont even know?

    - This person was probably in some way engaged with this project in some way. And also he was speaking here publicly so this is not attacking him just mentioning


    And the most ridiculous comment is -So as I said, I was going to stop the hate  : You are starting this in the first place? And you demand the appologise and admitting the negative comments?


    Number 1 These guys dont own you shieeet. This is not EA game that you spent 50-60$ and you have rights to shit on their projects like this. But this is FREE Mod. 

    Number 2 - 

    - " We admit that we deleted negative comments and we apology for that - MD Team"

    - " We admit that we gave fake reviews to our mod and we apology for that - MD Team"

    - " We admit that we are a bunch of kiddos with too little attention and we apology for that - MD Team"

    My Godness .. grow up. Demanding the attention like this on the internet is just immature. With "stopping all hate* specially with the last comment. ... riiight... Hipocrisy at its finest 

    You attack not only Tompa9 but you also attack other developers without even knowing them.

    If you wanted to start war here or create a negative reputation on the mod - i will say you have failed and you will. And this words are not coming from close friends and MDII team member 100% but from Jkhub modder who is here for years. And have enough bullshittery posts like yours.

  13. Hi to all of you,


    I know it's been a while since the game is old but I'm currently creating a map via GTKRadiant, and after 2 days of searching, I'm stuck with a script_mover


    Let me explain :


    I found this tutorial: https://www.surfacegroup.org/tutorials/wet/simple_mover_part2/


    I followed it to the letter except that I, it is not a tank, but a police car, to facilitate my life I downloaded it on Internet, in file .max, I opened in 3DSMax, the model consists of 3 groups: the body of the car, the windows and the siren, I, at first, converted into file .ASE , except that I discovered that in .ASE file is only assigned to static objects, so impossible to use with the script_mover, so I reconverted the model, from the .max file, into .md3 file, except that it displayed without textures in GTKRadiant, to remedy this problem, I downloaded the software Misfit Model 3D and I exported it, again, in .md3 file. At this moment I am told that there are too many vertices on my model, I merge the vertices, and ... miracle, the file is exported correctly.


    The file opens so in gtkradiant with its texture, I give it the value and key

    classname: misc_gamemodel,

    targetname: police_car_a

    scriptname: police_car_a

    as shown in the tutorial above


    I compile my map in .bsp file, and the copy in my file /etmain / maps


    But when I launch it in Enemy territory, I get this message:






    So I exported the 3 groups (body, glass, siren) each of their sides, each is a targetname and a scriptname as in the tutorial except that when I run my map the game freeze and stops


    So I changed the lines "attachtotag ... tag _...." by reversing the two entities and my map is launched but the model remains invisible ... I hear the sound of script_mover but without the model.


    I also tried to put a "misc_model" instead of "misc_gamemodel" but when the map starts my model remains static and seems not to be attached to the script_mover

    So concretely what I would like to do is to lower the vertices of the car (the Pro optimizer, the Optimizer and the MultiRes are not great), would there be a way to "compress" them?


    And if in the process, someone would explain to me the line of the script "attachtotag police_car_a tag_police_a" What I do not understand here is what the "tag" represents


    Thank you in advance ! it will save my life !!!!!




    Here is my script and some pictures








    model + script_ mover



    Well it is likely the same engine. I dont know how the scripts works in Wolfenstein.


    I dont know exactly what you want to achieve. It is complicated for me.


    In jk3 when i want to make moving misc_model i just use func_static (basic brush entity) to make a clip for my model. It is possible to parent misc model to the brush entity - just target misc_model to it and when brush entity is moving - MD3 model is moving , rotsting etc.


    But sadly i am not sure here. Normally i would script the brush entity to move and target tmmisc model to this moving entity.

  14. So I don't remember which setting I messed with/altered, but it was at a time when my computer ran JKA with lag. Altering this setting which I don't remember caused some maps to load this way, but it was faster. My computer runs better now (I optimized pk3 files). So I no longer need this setting.




    As you can see, there is nothing in the distance. When I move my character forward, more of the map reveals itself. When I move my character backward, the map is engulfed in that grey sky you see in the picture.


    I need help in what command I need to change to get it back to normal looking, since I completely forgot it, haha. For the record, the map is t2_trip at the start. This is not the only map it does this with. It's a global setting. I even went into the setup menu and reset to default, but this draw distance thing remains even after doing that.

    I am pretty sure it is some Vis technique in the map or just simply distance cull with the fog.


    I think there is no cheat or tbing in options that is doing this. I believe optimanization thing you are showing us is made for the map.

  15. Well .. that is why we have something like credits/ license and i think every creator of original Movie Duels 2 will be put on the Top first place - On the second  guys from remastered team. Because this mod is remastered- of course it is your tribute to this game and to original mod

    It is not *steal* project like old Kotf was. 

    And i dont understand this .. realeasing the code thing. Why is it so important nowadays? I dont know how licesing work with the code (but i am aware that it is possible to steal someone's lines of code [which are lines of text] and that person is called a thief in this scenerio)

    I always thought that source files are very important parts of the modders work and it gives 100% guarantee that our work will not be stolen in any way. Thinking like some dude randomly will show on jkhub forums my model and he will tell me  and everyone it is his work. And i will show on post blend files where i made models from scratch. He will have nothing to say and it will be 100% he is a liar - If i would upload source files he would do the same thing and proving it is my work would be hell lot harder.

    The same goes with code specially because - model will not change the game. Changing code will. So coding is in some way - highest part of modification. Because making model and adding it is just - adding. Changing code is changing how the game works.


    Meme mod just like serenity. This mod uses OpenJK therefore the source code must be publicly available. When I asked about the code my comment was deleted. Apparently admins remove uncomfortable comments so don't fall into ''all good'' propaganda. Anyway the mod decided to stay closed-source which makes it illegal at this point. The mod itself is also really bad. Poor optimization, shitty animations, buggy UI / menu, random FPS drops and crashes. The only good thing are the missions stolen from original Movie Duels 2. But for that, better play the original mod rather than it's poor "remaster". On top of that, devs decided to affiliate with another scam mod called "serenity". Huge disappointment.
    Stay Away!



    In this situation i believe new Team of Movie Duels II have rights and have permission to do this version of the mod. So telling things like - stolen , shitty or crashes (i will remind that this mod is still WIP ... so what do you expect?) are too harsh, goddamn rude and in my opinion childlish and stupid. Mass "critique" of yours doesnt sound like opinion rather immature  attempt to completely shit on this mod and give it bad reputation - specially when it is in works. It is like making a porkchop sandwich and in the process of making it say - it taste bad because it doesnt have butter and porkchop on it .. well because it is not there yet? You left it in the fridge.

    Back to the criticism of yours - i will never take any comments like this in honest and mature way when all "opinions" are all set to negative. Telling like it is 100% shit is bad and worthless criticism saying it is barely any critiicism at all. 

    For animations ... it is goddamn hard and people are trying to improve them . For my taste the original mod changed the animation in the bad way causing me stressful gameplay because some attacks made absolutely no sense and they were nonsense swings and slashes. The default Jedi Academy animations were much better.

    Telling that everything is crap - These guys not only want to change all models to just look better - they make new animations. Menus. Ui work. Graphics changes. Details changes etc.

    . and they are doing all of this work FOR FREE. 

    I dont understand rude behavior and nonsense shitting on the fan projects these days. Even tributes and projects made for purely enjoyment have haters and people shitting on hours of works of people who just want to sit next to the computer and make mods. 
    If you want to show the thief - make goddamn sure that he is one.



    And for last comment - people making mods are still learning. I helped few members here myself and i helped a lot people on Jkhub to help them improve and make what they wanted for their mod.
    It is part of enjoyment , fun and this is what makes us modders. Taking challanges like this. Making teams to make larger modifications and keeping this community alive and this game alive and star wars alive. For no money. No fame.

    Just for a Modding and Fun. I dont.. understand modders or people around who doesnt get that. And in some way - "i feel sorry" for anyone who will never experience this feeling.

  16. Thank you for your response AshuraDX, I appreciate your help :)  In the future I will try to be more specific about the problem aswell.


    Now back to the topic; I replaced the / to \ but I now I got this:



    I even tried to copy yours, incase I made a typo in the shaderfile, but still same result. Maybe there is a problem inside the glm file? 

    When removing the shader the error dissapears.

    Show us the screenshot of the txt file. Dont show us the text.

  17. Here are some of my re-skins/skin-swaps, some are head swapped thanks to some of you. I will be posting more, hope you like them and thank you for those who have helped me complete my ideas. :) 





    Boba Fett






    Blackhole Stormtrooper


    Suggest showing the original models and also picking envoirment where characters are bright and we can see details :) 

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