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  1. that tutorial is for an older version of blender though. I installed the plugin suite but I'm not sure it's all there.
  2. I was told both Max and Blender have options to import .glm with functioning weighting so that will be a nice way to start again. I hated working with carcass so I might try out Blender
  3. Hey guys I'm Pahri and I did some modding for this game like 10+ years ago. Any experienced modellers around that are willing to point me to the best tools/plugins to use in almost 2020 ? Specifically: I used 3DsMax in the past are there newer easier tools around and am I able to import .glm with weighting still intact?
  4. I did another Mb2 replacement 3 years later original moodel is a kitbash by Jeff I can spot some of NeoMarz1 clone parts in there too. It has RGB compatability now. https://mega.nz/#!TeIy2KwY!OUDO12nmpjsi_Vd0g53E3EBCAwmiW3idLbJHLPN4SCg
    Hey is that my EE-3 model ? if so I'd love that reskin of it ? Also the main skin is really impressive too ?
  5. Ha this guy! I remember making a Speederbike model, he did one too, then I made a T-21 Blaster for MB2 ... he made one too and when I was working on a Myrkr map he casually dropped this one. Good times.
  6. I remember working on this gun aswell but never finishing it. Nice job!
  7. Yo! Glad to see you're still doing models for this game after more than a decade. Always quality stuff from this man! Polycount above 10K is ballsy though but with LOD's it should be fine. Someone made a replacement for MB2: https://community.moviebattles.org/threads/model-replacement-eg-5-droid.1921/#post-19905 Replacement link and a video with the model are there aswell.
  8. Original release: https://web.archive.org/web/20150624031132/http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Blastech_DC15A;72979
  9. This guy reuploaded the DC-15: http://jkhub.org/files/file/1975-dc-15a-clone-rifle/ This compilation also includes it: (and you even commented on that ) http://jkhub.org/files/file/2321-ultimateweapons/ My T-21 was never released outside MB2 but there are 2 better models of it on this site. I guess Boba Fett's EE-3 is not on here. Same goes for Arc Trooper Pistols, Frag Grenade & Pulse Grenade. If anybody feels like wanting to make them available, feel free to extract the models from MB2's assets, make a pk3 and post here. I just discovered, that the original uploads of the EE-3 and DC-15 are still hosted by gamefront aswell as my Ailyn Vel reskin. Although I'm pretty sure the EE-3 in MB2 currently is an more recent model than the original 2005 release.
  10. I did mostly weapon and map object models and mapping. Boba's EE-3 & the Clonetrooper DC-15A are probably best known since they were released for base on jk3files back then.
  11. Hello I'm Pahri and I'm a former MB2 developer. I've been around the JK modding community since 2003 and was active on lucasforums like 10 years ago. Am I late to the party?
  12. Version 1.0


    Model Author: Pahricida ( http://www.moviebattles.com) Email Address: Pahricida@gmail.com Skin Author: Omeewan =============================================== File Information =============================================== Title: Blastech DC-15A Rifle File Name: zzz_dc-15A_pah.pk3 Date Of Release: November 23, 2006 New Strings: Yes New Sounds: Yes Description: This is a model of the Blastech DC-15A Rifle used by the Republic Clone troopers during the early battles of the Clone Wars.
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