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  1. Hey there! Welcome and happy modding!
  2. I really like it! I hope we can see more of your work in the future.
  3. I've been experimenting too with the Gigapixel programs by upscaling them to 2x and I was able to implement some textures of skins and models ingame. To be honest, there IS difference and looks better. I also found in another website that someone upscaled most of JKA textures x4 (up to 4k of resolution). For me it is an overkill if you are not playing on a 4k TV to notice the difference and the loading times (which it was pointed out by the creator of the mod) is too much if you are not going to be able to play it in 4k. So, I have my personal project to upscale all the playermodels fi
  4. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! It happened to me when playing Jedi Outcast mod in Jedi Academy, wanting to change the skin for Kyle whenever he went to a new planet, so this post is insightful!
  5. Hey! Just watched some of your videos, they are well done. I know it's hard work to control NPCs and all that, so I appreciate your art. Keep at it!
  6. Dude... I AM AMAZED! Sounds everything so beautiful. Please, don't stop doing what you love, I'm pretty sure you have a bright future ahead of you as a music creator. THANK YOU A LOT FOR SHARING AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  7. I am actually amazed the amount of work it needs to be done to make a beautiful product just as shown from that Youtube video. Thanks for sharing! I really liked it.
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