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    Author: Ki Adi Mundi After creating Yalara I realized how bad the maps overall quality actually was and set out to do better, even if only slightly. The end result was a map based on the Planet of Taris from the Knights of the Old Republic Video Games; Only now it is set 4,128 years in the future during the Legacy Comics era. The map is built for roleplay, so FFA/Seige/Duel/Etc players will likely end up moving on. You'll find weapons to spawn only where reasonable and realistic: The giant (Jedi) Temple only has pistol and e-11's in its armory since Jedi don't use concussion rifles whereas
  2. 529 downloads

    Author: Ki Adi Mundi Well, this map is an all-out roleplay dedicated map with no FFA or general combat in mind. I built it straight out from pre-made blueprints, designed for slight Star Wars realism rather than JKA fighting. I must stress to all whom download that this is my first map. The very first room I ever made in GTKRadiant is in this map, and I learned to map while making this roleplay map. This is mostly apparant by the square rooms and the bad lighting. I created the map over a period of 50 or so days, and that ''speed-rushing'' is also visible in the map through the blocky wall
  3. Version 1.0


    After creating Yalara and Taris RP I set out one more time to do better. This is that attempt. I made Ord Mantell RP as a last thank you to the JK community at large for all its fun times and pleasant memories. The map is by far the most complex I have ever built, and ever will build. It has starships that explode when the power core is damaged, amazing detailed landscapes, and endless explorability. Thanks for all the help and support, guys. This one's for you! As always, the source files are included in the pk3 - anyone and everyone has permission to use those files how they see fit with n
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