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  1. Nice NJO goods! Love the Leia Jedi variant here, it's all-out awesome! Well done and safe Halloween to you, Jeff!
  2. Abeloth!?! I never imagined seeing her in JKA until now! Thank you again for striking fast and with mercy, Jeff! Another EU vestige survives well and strong for it!
  3. I'll throw another positive hand here after seeing the never-done Nym, Allana, Tyber and Urai appearances here! Big kudos to Jeff for going all-out for much of the EU's underrated gems, even those I'd forgotten about like CW's Bera Kazan. Saving the EU, saving the dream!
  4. Absolutely amazing - this made my morning! God bless you Jeff and Sirius for this. Perfect detailing, spot-on nailing of her look, and going miles beyond what I'd have imagined could be possible for a future Allana look! Thank you for this; the Skywalker and Solo family's lineage is now complete.
  5. Got it, and I'm loving all these variants of Jaina! Excellent craftsmanship per the norm, Jeff - it's good to have Jaina with the GA flight suit right on par with the Jaina Solo black figure to the T!
  6. No problem - that request part seemed like a good line of conduct to heed at the timewith making good variety within these threads. I'm exceedingly overjoyed that you ran with and made even the design look far better than what hard material was around to find for the Jedi Queen; she looks perfect and spot-on with what I'd hoped to see from later/canceled EU projects for years. I'll have to check up on the EU pack as I've been in and out of here loosely with the cogs of life, but I've confidence that the updated Jaina and Tahiri models will be a joy with all these great next-gen characters, and Allana finally getting some love. Again, thank you for all you've done and continue to do!
  7. Whoaaa!!!! Jeff, you are doing God's work with bringing so many EU characters either forgotten or not in the limelight out into forefront in these game mods (Nym, Tyber Zann, Urai Fenn, even Bera Kazan whom I sadly did forget about)! Thank you so much, for all of the hard work and time you've put into this and all your models!
  8. After having seen the Ladies of the EU pack and enjoying the variety, I couldn't help but wonder if a far-future Hapan character not present with it could be made. Allana Djo Solo (Granddaughter of Han and Leia, as well as Tenel Ka Djo and Jacen Solo's daughter) would be a welcome addition as the only missing immediate family member in the EU (I recall some models and skins for Jacen, Anakin Solo, Jaina and Ben Skywalker from the new generation after the Big Three). Regrettably the only close images to a Jedi Queen Allana I could find were fan-made ones due to the EU's abbreviation taking place before her time and destiny could arrive as a full-grown Hapan Jedi Queen (per prophecy and Force visions with an older Allana in the Fate of the Jedi and Legacy of the Force novels), but something practical and elegant like this seems to work for her.
  9. Excellent idea! Good old DF:JK content briefly glimpsed at would be cool.
  10. Lookin' forward to it. It'll be a fine addition to my collection ?
  11. As another whose teenagehood was given more light due to your masterful maps, it is a delightful pleasure to see you return here Sith J Cull! And wow - not just Kamino II, but a new Millennium Falcon!?! Please do share this beauty, as that ship map (being able to roam the Falcon) is the very reason I even bothered to look into JK3's modding community for what I'd always wanted to see, and I was impressed then. I can't wait to see how the new ship version will look like - in what I presume to be both RPG and classic FFA style releases!
  12. A thousand thanks upon you, Jeff! Impressive work as always and thank you for it! I'm seriously still surprised somebody even made something, let alone remembered, Bera Kazan for this stage in the modding realm - what an underrated smuggler! Again, thank you! :D
  13. I'm amazed again! Like you had done with making Nym (having being unavailable for a decade), I'm astonished and overbrimming with joy that you've made Urai Fenn, Tyber Zann and Bera Kazan! While they have never been released beyond the packs we've had, I've recently re-looked upon this posting and saw your full image reel and they stood out! Thank you so much for that, as jk3files had only Tyber's gun but no actual Tyber!
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