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  1. So whenever I try to export my model from blender (2.64) it gives me an error message saying that the edges of a particular object have not been split but I already split them all using the edge split modifier? If anyone knows why it says this and how to fix it I would appreciate the help.
  2. I'm new to modding and have been working really hard on a player model in blender 2.64 for about a month (had to use 2.64 because I couldn't get the 2.79+ plugin to work, not sure why). So far, it's been going great and I've been able to figure everything out. I've got my model how I want it to look but there's a couple of problems....First of all, every time I try to set the parent object of some of the objects, they just seem to disappear???? Why would this happen???? Second of all, whenever I try to export my model, I get a weird message: "could not load surface l_arm_0 from blender: could not load a vertex: could not retrieve vertex bone weights: l_arm_0 has no armature modifier". What does this mean and how do I fix it? I'm so confused about weight painting, rigging, animations, gla, etc...help would be appreciated.
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