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  1. Ramikad's post in Model_Breakable to Model_Usable in start_off was marked as the answer   
    Is that actually the model name? car01.md3_car01_des.md3? You only need to set the "healthy" model in the model field - it will automatically switch to <modelname>_d1.md3 once destroyed.
    I see you ticked the use_model option - but that doesn't make the model usable: you'll have to tick the player_use option for that, as well as use_not_break. That will make the model usable, it will prevent the model from being destroyed by using it, and will display <modelname>_u1.md3 when used. It will still display <modelname>_d1.md3 - the damaged model - when destroyed. All these models will be automatically displayed in the right conditions (used and destroyed), you just have to set the proper model name. If that's correct, then there may be something wrong with the model so that it can't be dynamically loaded.
  2. Ramikad's post in draw distance was marked as the answer   
    distancecull is the value you want to modify. I'm not sure what's the default value, but if I remember correctly it's measured in game units, so you can set it to whatever is the max distance the player can see.
  3. Ramikad's post in Can anyone explain browser bots to me? was marked as the answer   
    I think this can explain it, anyway.
  4. Ramikad's post in Jedi Academy SP Error (SOLVED) was marked as the answer   
    Reinstalling the game won't be of any help: this error is due to the naming of a model in a custom map you're trying to load. To fix it, you could contact the author and ask him to fix the name so it works in singleplayer too, or you could open up the .pk3 file which contains the model and delete it (although the model itself will disappear from the map). You could also try using OpenJK, although I don't know if this is fixed. Other than that, I don't know.
  5. Ramikad's post in Commando Droid (and Knife?) was marked as the answer   
    MB2 has a commando droid, as well as the knife, you could probably get them from there.
  6. Ramikad's post in Basic ICARUS Fundamentals I seem to be Missing was marked as the answer   
    It's technically not easy spawning NPCs through ICARUS - it doesn't have a "spawn" command, but it can be achieved with a trick that involves the command SET_VIDEO_PLAY, which would work like this:
    //(BHVD) set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_VIDEO_PLAY", "-;cl_noprint 1;helpusobi 1;npc spawn stormtrooper;helpusobi 0;cl_noprint 0" );Although it should technically work, and it opens up a lot of possibilities in-game, it's really a workaround. A much easier and better way to spawn an NPC is to use a NPC_Spawner previously put in the map in GTK Radiant (but I guess entity modding to insert one should work as well): you just need to assign the NPC_Spawner a targetname (for example, stormtrooper1). Then, in ICARUS, you just need this simple command:
    //(BHVD) use ( "stormtrooper1" );to use the NPC_Spawner and thus spawn the NPC. The same thing applies if you want to trigger any entity through scripts: you just need to assign that entity a targetname and create the proper script for that.
    As for moving NPCs, you need to assign the NPC_Spawner a NPC_targetname (I'm not sure, but it should be different from the targetname), which you'll have to use if you want to affect them through scripts:
    //(BHVD) affect ( "stormtrooper_1", /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH ) {     set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_SABER1", "luke" ); }To move them, you'll need to put a system of waypoints in your map. This tutorial does a good job at explaining how to do this.
    To move brushes, you need to make them brush-based entities in the first place: func_static, func_door, maybe func_breakable too, but I'm not sure. There's an easy explanation of how things work here.
  7. Ramikad's post in Triangulate Modifier (Blender) was marked as the answer   
    Yep, I don't think it's even a modifier. Though I think that's only doable in Edit Mode, if I remember correctly. Also, for completeness, the reverse operation can be done just as easily with Alt + J, or alternatively, in Edit Mode, Mesh -> Faces -> Tris to Quads.
  8. Ramikad's post in NPC Respawn was marked as the answer   
    Create a script like this with BehavED:
    In this case, just for a test I set up a wait time of 6 seconds (6000 milliseconds). Compile and put the .IBI in the scripts folder of your mod.
    Now in Radiant set up a NPC spawner like this:
    Set the count of the NPC spawner to whatever number of enemies you want to fight. Create a func_usable and link it (Ctrl + K) to the NPC spawner, so that it's used at least once, otherwise it won't work, since it has a targetname. Using the button will spawn the enemy, and once the enemy is dead another will spawn after the time previously set in the script (in this case, 6 seconds).
  9. Ramikad's post in Is there a way to add playermodels to the sp character creation menu? was marked as the answer   
    It doesn't work because that model doesn't have any specific head, torso and legs .skin files. Try instead playermodel cloud model_default or playermodel cloud model_default model_default model_default.
  10. Ramikad's post in Blender Split Meshes in UV Seams was marked as the answer   
    The error doesn't refer to the fact that there are split meshes at UV seams - it is instead telling you to do that to export the model correctly. Basically run through all the edges of the UV islands in UV/Image Editor of the meshes affected by the problem, making sure to check Keep UV and edit mode mesh selection in sync, then, once the edges are selected, click on Mesh -> Edges -> Edge split. That should do the trick.
  11. Ramikad's post in Snapshot of front view & icon spec was marked as the answer   
    You have two options here: if you want to take screenshots in MP you can simply open the console and enter /devmapall <mapname> - you won't be able to play with anyone else than bots, but that way the camera console commands won't be protected anymore. I think you'll have to type the same command in SP to unlock the camera commands, so either devmapall <mapname> (without the "/" key, console commands won't work in SP if preceded by that key unlike MP) or, when already in a map, helpusobi 1. To change player model in SP you'll have to enter the console command playermodel <modelname> <skin> <skin> <skin> (perhaps playermodel <modelname> <skin> would suffice, but I'm not sure), respectively the .skin files for head, torso and legs. For example: playermodel kyle model_default model_default model_default.
  12. Ramikad's post in Animations with Blender was marked as the answer   
    Nope. Name it whatever you want, and it should run this code:
    @[member='Echo'] OFF "glamerge.exe" "_humanoid.gla" "<new animations>.gla" -o PAUSE EXIT Input a name for the newly created .gla and you're good to go. You can keep merging on that new .gla, and stuff all the animations you want (until you hit a limit, but considering my merges it isn't near).
  13. Ramikad's post in NPC Spawn Parameters was marked as the answer   
    I'm not aware of any, but the "npc" command can show the NPC score (npc score), bounding boxes (npc showbounds), and to kill them (npc kill <targetname>), and probably a few more that I can't remember right now.
  14. Ramikad's post in How To Add A Mod? was marked as the answer   
    If you want to upload a mod as opposed to creating a topic and post your updates / download links, you can click on Files, then Submit File, and follow the instructions.
  15. Ramikad's post in SET_WEAPON was marked as the answer   
    Try with SET_SABER1 and SET_SABER1_COLOR1.
  16. Ramikad's post in Moving The Player was marked as the answer   
    If you don't have to make it run from point A to point B, you can use the SET_ORIGIN script command.
  17. Ramikad's post in atst_vehicle problems was marked as the answer   
    It is normal. The vehicle, that you spawn using npc spawn vehicle atst_vehicle, is designed to be used properly in multiplayer games only. This is also true for most, if not all, other walker vehicles you may download. It's also normal that you can't select its weapons: a characteristic of vehicles in singleplayer game is that you can't shoot their weapons if you drive or fly them with your lightsaber or blaster rifle selected. Use the blaster pistol instead, or for what it's worth any weapon other than the two I mentioned.
    The trick with the AT-ST is that the vehicle you're driving on Dosuun is a different entity, that you can spawn using the console command spawn misc_atst_drivable (which will not work in multiplayer games). This one will be fully functional, walking and aiming properly with the weapons it's armed with.
  18. Ramikad's post in Magnetically sealed walls? (projectiles bounce off) was marked as the answer   
    It's a shader, not sure exactly, but try with surfaceparm forcefield.
  19. Ramikad's post in Importing models to Jedi Academy was marked as the answer   
    Salvoo has a Shrek model:
  20. Ramikad's post in Maybe it's a TAG problem? was marked as the answer   
    If this tutorial wasn't of help:
    I'd suggest reimporting the compiled model into Blender and check it out once more. Perhaps something went wrong during the export phase.
  21. Ramikad's post in searching a Blender 264 addon for vertex count on a mesh was marked as the answer   
    Not sure if it's Blender 2.64 specific, but in my experience the vertex count on the right top of the screen shows the total vertexes of all meshes. To see the number of vertexes of a single mesh, I simply select that mesh and enter Edit Mode.
  22. Ramikad's post in curpos was marked as the answer   
    /viewpos returns the player's location and angle.
  23. Ramikad's post in Making rotate the brush 45 degree (or in other) BUT like lever like. was marked as the answer   
    Additionally, you might need to set a script_targetname key on the entity, to be used as the entity affected by the commands in the script.
    About the scripts, something like this should suffice:

    affect ( "Lever", /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH )
        rotate ( < X Y Z >, T );
        set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_USESCRIPT", "lever_activate_up" );
    Simply make it so that it affects the script_targetname you chose for the lever, and rotate it 90 degrees on the correct axis (totally NOT sure which one it would be - you'll have to experiment on that), in T number of milliseconds. The last command will set the entity usescript to a similar script, but that rotates -90 degrees on the same axis (to switch it back), and sets the entity usescript to the original script - going by the example here, lever_activate_down.
    Then again... I'm not really experienced with moving objects with BehavEd, so I might be mistaken on a few points.
  24. Ramikad's post in Vehicle Rider Animation was marked as the answer   
    I recall Minilogoguy also having troubles with rider animations for his AT-RT.
    Apparently it's hardcoded.
  25. Ramikad's post in SP skin and randomize colours was marked as the answer   
    If the skin supports RGB (check out how it's done with the Trandoshan, it needs an alpha channel), then try putting this line in the NPC file:
        customRGBA    random1
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