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  1. Beautiful work, I'm tempted to reinstall Jedi Knight and give it a try! And Morrowind too, those new trees make Vvardenfell a beautiful place - unless that was the original Vurt and this one is a clone, Vuurt, fresh out of the Spaarti cylinders...
  2. It needs a shader with cull twosided or cull disable, like this: models/players/<model name>/<cape texture> { cull twosided { map models/players/<model name>/<cape texture> rgbGen lightingDiffuse } }
  3. Easiest solution would be to place a target_count in the map linked with the target_level_change (or another target_scriptrunner with the end level script), a count of 2, and set a deathscript on both brothers that uses the counter. As soon as the Brothers of the Sith are both killed, the end script will be run or the level will be changed, based on what it's linked to.
  4. Hmm, at this point I'd suggest to add in PRINT commands and see where (and when) exactly the script breaks, checking in the console with developer 1 and g_ICARUSdebug 1, though I'm not sure how helpful it would be. I have the feeling that at least for the earlier version of the script it's just a matter of WAIT commands.
  5. Yes, in theory, but in practice there are also a lot of mp3 effects, just look at the voices and many movers. Anyway, without any other clue, it's also a good suggestion.
  6. Hmm, maybe trying changing the sample format from 16-bit to 32-bit float, though I really don't know if it will help. Strange thing is that everything seems set up correctly, so it shouldn't give you that error. What happens if you grab the stereo file from the online converter and turn it mono? One last thing, not sure if that version of Audacity will have it, but when exporting it try checking the "Force mono export" box in Format options.
  7. Where do you read 44100, just the bottom left or also the sound file itself? If the file is correctly sampled you should also read it in the sound info box, "Mono, 44100 Hz, 32-bit float".
  8. I believe Galak Suit uses a different .gla altogether. However, aside from the tutorial mentioned in the solution, the only other way I know is to place a modified .gla or animations.cfg in _humanoid_<mapname>, and those new anims will play (though for every _humanoid model) when that map is loaded. As far as I know it doesn't only affect cinematics, it can affect any animation at all.
  9. Thank you! I seem to remember it doesn't have an NPC file. As for using it, in MP it's /model cdwt/default, in SP it's playermodel cdwt model_default model_default model_default. Happy hiding in the Bushes of Love! (... they might be next if there's an April's Fool Contest 2024 - that or Yoda's misadventure at the Beach )
  10. Jeff made one, maybe you can still find a link in his topic: There's also one in Galactic Legacy (maybe the same model, not sure). I also have a start from back in the day, when I wanted to recreate at least the duel in the Mount Tantiss Throne Room, which was basically a Dooku-face Sith remodel and reskin (from what I remember, that particular original skin and model had a free license, while other faces were restricted), though the gray robe makes it more of an HTTE version than a TLC one: I still think about releasing the source files, every now and then, or maybe even finish it.
  11. You can put together a simple mod that replaces the Sith hilt with the Kyle one (or the Luke one, going back to the original request), though only you would see it, and the blade would probably be shorter - other players will still see the Sith saber. Player models and skins is a different matter, as in, the server doesn't need to have them to see them, only the players. If you want other players to see you as a certain model/skin that is not included in the base game, only they will have to download it, not the server. To summarize, cosmetic modifications will work for you regardless (models, textures and skins), as well as anyone who has them too, but technical ones (as a new lightsaber would be, or new NPCs) will have to be supported by the server.
  12. Doesn't seem to be possible without a mod. You could edit the saber yourself and remove the notInMP 1 line that prevents it from being usable in MP, but chances are that not only other players, but also you, would see it as a typical Sith saber hilt. On this note, any lightsaber mod that you may have, but the server you want to play on doesn't, will show your saber as the Sith saber hilt.
  13. From what I found, it's because the geometry it's applied on needs to be "closed", if that makes any sense. If I make a simple terrain model with a grid in Blender, apply the Yavin grass shader, and export, it doesn't work. If I take the same terrain and "close" it (by extending the outer grid vertexes downward and merging them together, essentially making a terrain lying on an inverse pyramid) the grass sprite suddenly works. That's why patches will never be able to support sprites, they're inherently "open" geometry.
  14. Sprites like grass and flares are specified (once again ) in shaders. See this Yavin grass texture with sprites for example: textures/yavin/grasspatchy_swampsprite { qer_editorimage textures/yavin/groundjungle q3map_material ShortGrass q3map_nolightmap cull twosided { map textures/yavin/groundjungle } { map gfx/sprites/y_grass_tall surfaceSprites vertical 32 36 42 500 ssFademax 1500 ssFadescale 1 ssVariance 1 2 ssWind 0.5 alphaFunc GE192 blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA depthWrite rgbGen vertex } } The surfaceSprites line and below indicate the amount of sprites, their type, their size, how far they are visible, and whether or not they move in the wind (and how much). Only thing to point out is that sprites don't work on patches, only brushes and, by extension, "closed" models.
  15. This is already done more or less automatically in-game, although very simply - your position and orientation only determines how loud and which speaker/earphone channel to use respectively, so nothing advanced like doppler effects or the likes, unless the EAX option somehow uses them. As for 6. it is determined by the shader, precisely by the q3map_material line. Unfortunately there are only a few available materials, and they're hardcoded - Water, SolidMetal, HollowMetal, ShortGrass, Gravel, Mud, Dirt, Wood, Stone, Snow, Sand, Rug, Pipe (unless pipe in sounds/player/footsteps stands for HollowMetal).
  16. 1. I'm not sure what you mean by 3D sounds. Could you elaborate? As far as I know sounds in general are pretty limited in Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, as they have to be mono .wav files. Sounds in general are placed around the map with target_speaker entities. 2. There are two ways, a simple func_glass, or a func_breakable brushes with the thin and no_explosion option checked (spawnflags 264) and material 1 (glass). Not sure if there are any advantages in doing the latter, but it's there. 3. The water texture needs a shader to be recognized by the game as water. You'll have to create a new shader, like this one: textures/common/water_1 { qer_editorimage textures/common/water_1 surfaceparm nomarks surfaceparm nonsolid surfaceparm nonopaque surfaceparm water surfaceparm trans q3map_material Water q3map_onlyvertexlighting deformvertexes wave 100 sin 1 2 2 0.6 { map $lightmap blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ZERO } { map textures/common/water_1 blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ZERO tcMod turb 0.01 0.03 5 0.1 tcMod stretch noise 1 0.01 1 1 } { map textures/common/water_1 blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE tcMod turb 0.02 -0.06 0 0.1 tcMod stretch noise 4 1 0 0.01 } { map textures/common/stars blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE rgbGen wave sin 0 1 10 0.5 } } Modify it as you see fit (this is just an example of water shader taken directly from shaders/common.shader), then save it as a <shadername>.txt file, rename the extension from .txt to .shader and put it inside your shaders folder. The last step: open up the shaderlist.txt (also found in the shaders folder) and add <shadername>.shader at the end of the list. This last step is necessary, otherwise the game might still not recognize your shader and your water might end up being solid. 4. Teleports need to be linked to a target_position, that determines where the player is placed. Simply right click -> target -> target_position where you want the teleport destination to be. After that, first select the teleport trigger, then the target_position, and press Ctrl + K - that will link the two automatically. More technically speaking, what it does is it sets the trigger's target to target_position1 (that's the default targetname it gets if it's not specified when linked). 5. Absolutely! color R G B sets the light color to anything you want. color 255 192 0 gives a nice orangeish light, for example. Admittedly, though, I'm not sure if it uses 0-1 or 0-255, though from what I saw the latter seems to work. I also advise you to read the tutorials Circa suggested as they cover many mapping topics, including these and more (like skyboxes, sky lights, scripting, and more advanced shader effects).
  17. The only mod I know that has this feat (though in SP, and probably through scripts, and with a very different lore) is Alorea - you press a key, or roll Mouse 3 (can't remember which one), and you cycle between single sword, dual swords and staff. Doing so in SP without a code mod would be doable (with scripts), but not very flexible or feasible if we're talking of more than one lightsaber hilt.
  18. From what I remember having too many NPC files can cause this, though I think mrwonko may be right. Usually having too many npc files crashes the game and returns to the main menu with the "npc file is too large" error code, which from the description doesn't seem to be the case.
  19. This one? Not sure what the problem is, but works just fine for me. Are you sure you unpacked the .pk3 file itself in the Base folder, and not the "alien npc" folder? I honestly can't think of any other reason why it wouldn't work - the .npc file itself has no errors at all. Just tried the original one as well, it seems to work just fine too, both separately and together. I'm out of ideas.
  20. It probably means it doesn't exist, then. Not all player models come with additional .npc files, which is what allows them to be spawned in-game. There's also the possibility that the related .npc files are there, and the name you used to spawn them is incorrect.
  21. Ramikad

    Sio Bibble

    I've always remembered his name thanks to his unforgettable, iconic line from Galactic Battlegrounds: "Bibble reporting."
  22. The .glm importer allows you to select a range of frames of animation to import: check out in ModView which frames refer to Tavion's style and select them when importing the model/skeleton. It is not absolutely necessary, though, you can start from scratch and make your pose/animation; either way, what you'll have to do once you are finished is export the new .gla animation, then merge it with the basic _humanoid animations, modify the animations.cfg in order to change the reference to the new frames and you should be good to go.
  23. What happens if you try to move them away from each other? Maybe they have troubles running the scripts because the player is in both at the same time. Just a wild guess.
  24. Happy New Year everyone!

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      Happy new year!

  25. 25 downloads

    I was surprised that I couldn't find any fireworks for Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy (or maybe I just didn't see them), so I decided to make a few for the Holiday Contest. Set off fireworks! Cast snowballs! Or at least, that was the intent. Unfortunately, while it works fantastically in SP, MP doesn't quite like it, and refuses to properly play the effects in animevents.cfg. So, unfortunately, it is for SP only, although the fireworks effects can be used in MP with a fxFile in the map. Who knows, maybe the Future will bring a solution to make it work properly for MP too. I can't state enough how I HATE MP for how limited it is compared to SP. The fireworks should display properly in most maps with a high enough skybox. To set off fireworks, press your Crouch key. To cast a snowball, the Taunt key. To install, unpack Fireworks_Snowballs.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove Fireworks_Snowballs.pk3 from your GameData/Base folder.
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