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  1. I did get along well with Binny regardless of what may have appeared on the surface. I always appreciated the game within a game. There's duelling, that's one level, then there's messing with the admins and clan rules, that's the next level, then there's messing with the server and the owners, that's the top level. So I could fairly say I duelled with Binny on all levels, got fun from each as he did, and admired each other's Kung Fu. In fact, it's fair to state that we all do get along well enough in the twilight of this game - my only standing issue is with those who make personal threats against people, their families, businesses, finances, websites and things on that level - that is beyond the game and instigated by psychopathic haters. That was never Binny, he was always honest with his approach to all levels of the game!
  2. Yea Cyb3rst0rm, I knew when he was on. Even his VMs had a signature, after all no-one has completely default settings (and he did). And out of respect for him I'll post how it was I identified him (and played with him a bit) - the dumpuser command not only returns all the client information, but also the order in which the settings are returned are a signature, and his was unique (another clue [and now I'm really sharing my secrets] is that almost no-one has a new GUID every time they play - so it would flag on that too). But the thing is, he played well enough to not merit acting against him. It would be hard to prove, but I'd say the last time he was on KR was about 7 days ago with the name Varelze - I can't say that for sure but it's likely.
  3. There is a game, then there is real life. I didn't have much issue with Binny as I could control him on my server, but I know he was a pain to others - but that's just a game. It really sucks when any life is extinguished We got on well enough and chatted freely on a few occasions, hacking and programming to some degree. Its just sad the choices he made in-game forced his ban - that was how he played, but its always a sad loss to deny a programmer. I would have liked to know him better. Nevertheless I lay on his grave a bunch of firewall rules - he had his skills.
  4. Unsurprisingly I did actually try that, I believe it was before I even started modding the ents and writing icarus scripts. As I still don't have a solution I've made this cfg to execute on a vstr (for the admin command amvstr) g_forcePowerDisable 262143 dmflags 520 g_weaponDisable 524223 jp_giveWP_MELEE 0 jp_allowSaberSwitch 0 jp_allowJetpack 0 jp_allowFlameThrower 0 jp_allowCloakItem 0 jp_allowHook 0 g_saberDamageScale 0 jp_allowSaberTouchDMG 0 jp_reduceSaberBlock 100Which (amongst other things) doesn't remove the saber but makes wielding it pointless! Note that 524222 also won't prevent the saber either - I think it's forced by JA+ so nothing in the map or the game can easily prevent that.
  5. I fear not sadly. I tried spawnflags from 1 to 256 (powers of 2 only obv) for both info_player_deathmatch and info_player_start for all of my spawn location entities, besides there is no information I could find confirming this. Just to elaborate the problem more clearly, this is for multiplayer, japlus server, preferably in FFA mode. I have already tried SET_WEAPON drop, SET_SABER1 & 2 to none, drop and even WP_DISRUPTOR (you never know!). Also SET_SABER_ORIGIN, SET_SABER1BLADEOFF, SET_LOCK_PLAYER_WEAPONS, SET_SABERACTIVE, SET_FORCE_SABERTHROW true + wait 1000 + SET_FORCE_SABERTHROW false, etc.Even kill (GET ($SET_WEAPON$)) !! I guess we could try hijacking the .sab files, but I think that would only make the game use that ugly black default saber and nothing gained. We've worked on this for quite some time before posting here, this is no idle question!
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