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  1. That seems legit. Robes with a shoulder pad could be cool. Kinda reminds me of Geralt from the Witcher
  2. It would be cool to see an older grey haired Kyle in Jedi robes. It would go along great with the TFA Luke replacement out now by DT85.
  3. That is why a quick glance of the catagory and description will do wonders There are sound mods for sabers labeled as "Cinematic Lightsabers" but they aren't "misleading" for not changing the blades.
  4. For anyone wanting a "preview" of the main sound fx used. Check out this YouTube video of the sound at 0:07.
  5. How is it misleading? It uses force lightning sound fx from the films so..
  6. YO I got it to work! thanks for the help. Hopefully it gets approved and if it does here is the link. https://jkhub.org/files/file/3346-cinematic-force-lightning-mod-for-jedi-outcast/
  7. 858 downloads

    A simple audio mod that replaces the in game force lightning sound to ones that are used in the films. If you remember what lightning sounded like when Count Dooku used it in EP2 you know what I'm talkin about. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE CHANGES or MAKE THIS WORK FOR JA PLS DO! JUST CREDIT ME (AP-421)
  8. Good point! I did rename my MP3 file to a wav so maybe that's the problem. I'll have to try to export it as an actual wav file when I get back home.
  9. Hmm I added a sound for the loop and named it as lightning2.wav but all it did was just mute the looping sound in game.
  10. I have created a pretty cool mod for JK2 that uses the cinematic force lightning sounds from the movies. It's almost perfect. The only snag is when holding the lightning, there is a default sound looping after the initial lightning.mp3 I used. I think there is something I'm missing. When I made this mod it basically had mp3s named as follows: lightning.mp3, lightninghit1.mp3, lightninghit2.mp3 and lightninghit3.mp3. is there another mp3 name and file i should be using for the sound that follows lightning.mp3?
  11. AP-421

    New Ninja

    aw man this one is gone from the server
  12. Hey sorry for the late reply but I tried putting the Ben Solo pk3 into base and its not showing up in the race/character selector in sp
  13. You know what would be cool too? Like a level 4 force jump and push. Jump higher and push people and make them go flying off the map
  14. I have an audio program I just need to get it so I edit all of the lines in the game. Any ideas on where to find them? @@Seven I'd just love it if I ever do a playthrough as Kylo Ren to sound as close as possible.
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