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  1. OK. So first off..... Who Am I? I'm Cyb3rst0rm. 7 year veteran of the Jedi Knight Community. IRL I am William Stewart, a 19 year old Computer Science major with a secondary focus on small business from Anna, IL (whoo, go small town USA). I've been interacting with this community to one degree or another for so long now that it seems appropriate for me to try to launch a sort of event to try and bring the community together for something. Also, I need something on my resume for organizing events (in this case very similar to a video conference. This leads us to the next question: Gee Cyb3r, what brilliant idea do you have in mind? How great of you to ask, potential joiner of this fantastic event. My idea is...... *drum roll* Basically I know of this great website called Rabbit that allows people to group stream stuff on the internet. It's sort of like a great internet theater. Everyone is inside a chatroom watching the same video stream. At the same time most of us could also be playing JKA on our second monitors (which most of us have. The rest of us might have to either choose between one or other or use windowed mode) thus creating an enhanced interest in the community. Ideally, the server (in-game location TBD, ideally if this goes well one of the remaining JKA clans will officially sanction the event and become the OFFICIAL hub) will experience an influx of people while the rest of us all get to watch a movie while playing our favorite game. What's better than that? Basically there will be a focus on old (IE: 1960s) SciFi movies since most of those are public domain (so no legal issues) and should have a high level of interest in the community. THE DETAILS *please note that the platform may change if rabbit doesn't work* The Rabbit Room LInk that you will use to connect is: http://rabb.it/SWJKA There will be a test run on April 2nd at 9PM CST. Actual streaming will begin 15 minutes in to allow for any technical issues that might arise (from me, or from users) to be fixed. I will begin accepting joins 15 minutes earlier for anyone would like to join earlier. The test run movie will be the 1964 classic..... The Last Man on Earth. This 1964 Sci-Fi horror classic is an early film adaptation of the famous novel I Am Legend where actor Vincent Prince fights as the last living man in a world full of undead Zombie Vampires. It is considered to be one of the greatest movies of the 1960s. The results of the test run will determine if this project goes any further. I'm aiming for at least 5 viewers this time around. If there is enough interest there will be a double feature (films TBD) on the 7th of April at 8PM CST. If that too goes well it will continue every week there after with us cycling back and forth between UK and US timezone schedules. So basically 2 UK oriented streams, and 2 US oriented streams each month. Who's Allowed to Come Watch Basically these are the people who will be allowed in to watch: * JKA Players * Friends and Family of JKA Players Invited by them (please inform me if you invite anyone) Obviously I can't restrict who joins the in game server wherever that might end up being. That about wraps it up. I'm just trying to spread the word and hopefully rally some support. Please note that while I will not enforce any age restrictions chats on Rabbit will not be censored and adult oriented conversations will be permitted. If you become disruptive however you will be removed. I'd love to hear the communities opinions leading up to the stream. Please let me hear your thoughts. TL:DR WHO: JKA Players, There Friends, There Family WHERE: http://rabb.it/SWJKA WHEN: 9PM CST, APRIL 2ND, 2018 WHAT: Streaming of the 1964 Sci-Fi Classic The Last Man on Earth WHY: To have fun with JKA Community members and there friends and family If a JKHub mod could make this a newspost that would be awesome and help the cause out a lot.
  2. Looking for an opponent. I can teach you to play if you don't know how. I can do base EAW, Forces of Corruption, or a mod of your choice. I'm using the CD-ROM version, not the steam version and I don't know if the two are cross compatible.
  3. Updated the original post. Apparently I was fed partially bad information.
  4. Yeah, the last time I talked to Binnysan was early this month. I sent him a link to the worlds first giant robot fight because I knew he would enjoy something that seemed so futuristic. He didn't seem like anything was wrong. I just can't believe he's gone.
  5. Yeah Binnysans skills could not be understated. He had over 8000 hours logged in game on XFire before it shut down. He was probably the only person I could duel all day and still not beat by the end of the day. I'll admit, him being gone gives me less reason to play JKA. Damn. Just damn.
  6. I've removed the screenshot pertaining to you along with the later half of the first paragraph detailing citing your reasoning that I am indeed known for trolling and you only acted upon what information you had available to you. There are better times and places for squabbling I suppose. What's done is done. Please in the future just hear people out, you'd be amazed how much of a difference it would make in those sorts of situations. This coming from a troll who has the unique advantage of being a former admin of several servers past and present in the community. Anywho, I now return to the mourning of Binnysan.
  7. You mean exactly what I suggested to Jacobie before he insulted and banned me? Wow, that's a great idea. And now as per Caelums request im forgetting that occurred. And if it makes any sense Binnysan enjoyed the chaos he created so I guess that's why its mentioned here. Knowing him he's probably sitting up there in whatever higher plane of existence there is smoking a blunt laughing at us all. Anywho I've been banned from JAWAs forums so many times I know I'm beyond reprieve (Its Kyle, if no one has figured that out) so obviously I cannot make the post myself. so if you do make a post on your forums, please feel free to link to this post on JKHub. I've already done the same on KR forums. I can still see and read threads on JAWA clan I obviously just wouldn't be able to reply there. I should still be able to do what I've done thus far and embed comments from the auxiliary threads on KR and JAWA into the main post here via custom quotations. Failing that it might make sense to use that wiki you guys have for players since its already set up for something similar.
  8. and the hilarious thing is a ban to binnysan was like a pothole, he just drove around it. He's actually the person that originally figured out how that damned 5000 layer firewall you run works. He literally set up a virtual machine, reconfigured his router, and figured out the game variables that your firewall thing program monstrosity used. Gotta give the man credit for dedication, not even I could match that and you and I both know I'm no slouch when it comes to ban evasion. IIRC at one point he was working on a mod to render it useless. Again, I can't recall him saying anything negative about you specifically. Like in the case of JAWA it was mostly your harsh and sometimes downright unreasonable admins that he dislikes. There's being an admin, and there's being a dick. Some KR admins from the time period he was most active were way over the boarder into the later category.
  9. I'm in contact with a member of his family from Ohio. They seem to be doing as well as can be expected and there aware of this memorial page. I've offered to add there comments to this page but that offer was declined. and yeah, Like I said Binny didn't let anyone else tell him how he did anything. For what it's worth he never said he had any problems with you personally Link, it was mostly the occasionally corrupt, blunt, and heartless admins occasionally under your command (and not all JAWA admins are like that for the record, infact most are not.. Though Rogue Shadow and Jacobie would be fine examples).
  10. It is with great sadness that tonight the duty to inform the community of the passing of our friend (or in the case of most admins, adversary) The Incredible BInnysan, has fallen to me. I just found out this morning that Binnysan (known to some of us who knew him better as Owen Delay and those of us on steam as HAKUR) passed away late Nov. 21 2017. Binnysan was known to many of you as a baser and a skilled duelist. He was also found (along with myself) on the wrong side of the admins, known for DDOS'ing JAWA into submission on one occasion. When not busy demanding that others kneel he could be found on PUB server dueling among the best of them or on steam playing his favorite games such as Kerbal Space Program and could be found either in game or on steam discussing his two favorite pass times: Computers, and Marijuana. An intellectual man Binny never turned down a decent conversation about Science, Technology, or Politics. He personally was a mentor to me, I learned a great deal of what I know about computers from him and the basics of OpSec. If there were a few things he knew it was: Computers, Hacking, Women. The man lived exactly as he wanted, how he wanted, when he wanted. EDIT: The screenshot that was here has been there long enough, that will do. Binnysan was a warrior of the highest caliber. Let us honor him with tales of his glory and his battles, and most importantly our memories of him, that being his legacy. I'll start things off with these (which he was particularly proud of): Here the godking shows his unwaivering might, disabling the punny JAWAs server with impunity: https://thejawaclan.com/topic/33518-unban-request/ This incident also directly lead to the removal of the corrupt admin Rogue Shadow. There was another thread on the JAWA forum but it appears to be removed. If you have stories involving Binnysan please share them down below. Ill add more as I remember them and update you all on the progress of the memorial. May the Godking, this undeniable Cadillac of Men, Rest In Peace. Binnysan: June 2, 1990 - November 21, 2017 EDIT: If anyone has any screenshots or gameplay videos of him please post them. I need a few for the webpage and I can't find my own JKA install from the appropriate time frame. EDIT 2: A funeral fund has been set up for Binny by his family. They have granted me permission to link it here: https://www.youcaring.com/kimworkman-1020540 EDIT 3: Edit 4: Edit 5: The JAWA thread for this is larger than what I can really embed here. If you wish to view comments of the various JAWA clan members you may do so at there forums. I have no control over that post what so ever however as I am not permitted on there forums: https://thejawaclan.com/topic/45417-binny-has-passed-away/?tab=comments#comment-452659 Edit 6: A family member has indicated that the cause of death has not been determined 100 percent in anyway and my initial information was incorrect. The post has been updated to reflect this. Edit 7: Keep in mind the family can see this. Please be more sensitive to there situation in your comments.
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