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The mod is in progress, but Dantooine is almost complete, though it's not the first mission. In the last several months I've recreated most of the textures for Dantooine and other planets (either by making futuristic ones or taking photos of stones and organic matter). You can check updates here on the forums or the DP's page on moddb here.



The mod will be released in Chapters. Currently I am working on the last map for he Chapter – the forest. It is quite large and complicated in terms of design for Jedi Academy, given, that the forest must be really green, with lots of trees, bushes, grass, as well as beasts and cool sounds here and there.

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Oh yeah, this is a really HUGE project! And this would be very, very interesting to work about a French version of it. I know tha now there are many many "little" mods which are standing by and are late, but this one would be perhaps the biggest and the best to translate! If the mod isn't released in several months, it would be possible to do!


I make serious work, this is how voices translations take a lot of time^^

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Thanks for kind words. We actually have English and Russian versions (subtitles, though English voicing is possible as well). German is in plans, but we haven't talked to anyone who knows French yet. So I guess we can discuss that soon (the mod will be released in Chapters, the first being almost complete: 6 of 7 maps are 100% finished in it).

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@@NumberWan I think (and hope) I will release at least 1 translation during the last both weeks of august, you will can see how I'm working if you want. The others are slower because my "main dubber" isn't available during this time, but I'm still working on it, and with authorisations for all except Shadriss for Deception (can't find a way to contact him, he left no email or what).


In a first time, I can translate the subtitles now and voices will come later, if you MP the .str files I could do this.

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Updated Dantooine maps, which gained much both in terms of visual design and gameplay. The already mentioned and shown location of Dantooine fams is now larger than it originally was. The third map also offers sort of a small additional quest, which can be ignored by the Players.

We also made it so, that dantooine levels have their own enemy NPCs now, and even if you meet familiar bad guys, they now have a new look as well.




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Dantooine is mostly plains, but that's how we saw it in KOTOR 1 and 2. I decided to stay close to K1 in terms of yellow grass. Originally I used the old textures from the game, but made new version of most of them. In this screen the place is kept under the supervision of the authorities, even though it's quite old (it's actually the Matale estate, if you remember it). JA however has its limitations...


I also read the books, looked through Dantooine in SW Galaxies, as well as through various comics, encyclopedia, etc. The most interesting thing in my opinion is the Dantari, the local tribes. However they stay aside from our story :) The Eol Sha also don't appear, but these people were all killed by Daala years before DP.


It's somehow difficult to add something truly Dantooinish in this particular square, but other locations include certain design solutions, don't worry. ;)

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On 8/27/2020 at 12:32 PM, Peprykus said:

Hey, do you maybe have just the Dantooine map itself for seperate use?
I was looking for something like it to use in an RP session, but never found anything similiar enough.

It would certainly be possible but do they have the time and the resources to pull this feat while working on the mod itself, that's the question . . .

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