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  1. I've been looking for this old map, that is apperantly caled halo_for Does anyone have the file by any chance?
  2. Anyone here knows what's the command for other models than the standard ME1 Geth?
  3. Anyone has a link to any of those vehicles? All the links are dead
  4. Ah, good to see that Dark Laster is getting some recognisition.
  5. Adas was the Sith King that drove the Rakatans off Korriban
  6. Nope Ben and Vestara managed to kill one avatar of Abeloth at the Font of Power Krayt and Luke killed her at the Lake of Apparitions. Abeloth was able to overpower both the Son and the Daughter at the Font of Power, which I belive is some sort of force nexus? Before the Father stopped her. Later the siblings used the Killiks to imprison her and would return to the galaxy whenever she needed to be stopped again. That is ouf course until Dumbfuck Skywalker decided to kill off the literal gods so he can sleep with a senator.
  7. They in TCW and TCW is in EU despite fucking a lot of EU lore related to the CW era Though Abeloth was stopped many times by the Son and the Daughter from escaping so at her full power she isn't that much ahead of them. And Luke and Krayt were simply in the netherworld of the force, so everyone was buffed.
  8. The SWTOR armors are phantom assassin I belive? Then again SWTOR tended to reuse a lot of design for it's 2011-2015 armor design so you can simply label them as Sith/Revanties
  9. Is it just me or is the lowers pic Voss heads kinda fucked?
  10. How are you porting them if I may ask?
  11. Jeff's models are very neat indeed Work great when you do RPs in JKA
  12. Navarro? As in that one from Fallout?
  13. Hey, how did you manage to port character heads from SWTOR to JK3?
  14. Hey, do you maybe have just the Dantooine map itself for seperate use? I was looking for something like it to use in an RP session, but never found anything similiar enough.
    A space map with multiple vessels? Now that is neat.
  15. For a first model this is honestly pretty amazing, looking forward to seeing more!
  16. How about Admiral Trench from TCW? Or perhaps has he been already made and I am unaware of that?
  17. Where you got that Elite from if I may ask?
  18. Didn't see any activity from them since late 2018. They may have closed.
  19. Well thanks, may the force be with you and have fun on your RP server (i think that what Szlakiem Jedi was, not sure). Thanks to everybody for help, i will have a great use of this lightsaber.
  20. We need only your file or we need yours and the pervious one ? Sorry for the dumb question but my knowledge is realy little at this point
  21. Soo the model link from bert contains a final working model ? Thanks gonna test it once im home
  22. So basicly now, the file has to be converted to glm. to work ?
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