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Dantooine is a well known planet to most if not all Star Wars fans. Once home to a Rebel base, it could be destroyed by Grand Moff Tarkin, if the Death Star was close enough to it. The planet got a lot of attention in KOTOR, where it was a system, chosen by the Jedi to create a small Academy, which is better known as the Enclave. During the Jedi Civil War Bastila Shan and Revan found shelter here, and later the Sith brought devastation to both the Jedi and the local estates. Some time later it was revisited by the Jedi Exile and her team, while searching for the lost Jedi Masters. During the Clone Wars a large battle occurred on Dantooine.


By the time of events of the Dark Pastime, Dantooine survived through a lot – including several Imperial attacks, the latest being the operation against the refugees from Eol Sha, destroyed by the forces of Admiral Daala.


A group of farmers, however, managed to establish a new settlement near the local spaceport, and it seems calmness and peace eventually came to Dantooine once again. Nevertheless someone reported to have seen strange people in red armour, moving through the old ruins. Local Republic task force immediately contacted Luke Skywalker, and several Jedi were sent to investigate.


It was believed, that this mission would help to achieve two goals - starting the investigation for the locals and learning more about the Jedi of the Old Republic. Luke Skywalker himself arrived here to see everything for himself, but the latest crisis on Almania won't allow him to stay here for too long.


01. Attack on the farm



This is a very old map, that I started creating some time after I played KOTOR. I really like Dantooine with all its plains, rivers and trees. And we wanted something truly familiar to add into the mod, but something originally not from Dark Forces series. Dantooine seemed to be perfect.


Believe it or not, making this map was a lot of pain. Creating a genuine Dantooine location meant dealing with a lot of bugs and problems. Thankfully we've resolved 99% of them. The map isn't perfect, it needs work on light and some textures. We also work on new skies.


This area is one of the largest, perhaps, but I changed it several times, adding new corridors and houses to make the map truly interesting. In the start it was just an area with trees and several houses, but now it includes a large complex, where farmers live and work. The spaceport and the farm are under attack by bounty hunters and you have to deal with them and rescue the farmers with the assistance of the Republic soldiers.


Notice: the screenshots below show the original mercs here and there, but we plan to replace them with new ones, like Twi'Lek mercenaries or Nikto thugs among some others.















This how this map looked in 2005-2007 or so.








02. Ruins of the Past



Creating this particular map was even worse than the previous one. I even had to make it smaller to somehow ease the process of building the whole area.


You must have guessed already, that this location includes the ruins of the Jedi Enclave, destroyed by Darth Malak thousands of years ago. Seeing the screenshots, you might ask, how is it possible, that the academy hasn't change much. Well, there are reasons for that. First, the academy was under restoration several times, as I presume, and still it changed since the old times. Second, we wanted to recreate an already known location, that would be familiar to everyone.


It's also possible that the building wasn't used as a training ground since then, but rather a monument to the fallen Jedi in the war (just like the Valley of the Jedi, which was believed to be a memorial lost in space, still powerful in the Force).


But I must say – we will certainly add more ruin to this one, make it older and more trees and grass pounding from roof and walls.






03. The Lower Level of the Academy


This level is also familiar to those, who like KOTOR games. This map is the underlevel of the old Jedi Academy, abandoned thousands of years ago. A Jedi is gone missing, and Luke asks Kyle look for him before the Master leaves Dantooine to deal with the problem on Almania. This one is complete, but needs work on making it older, more obsolete and damaged by time and wars.




More planets coming soon.

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Thanks, guys!

Yes, the levels are in need of more shaders for the stones and walls, perhaps. The skies will be changed for sure. ) The main part in improving is for better lights.


After battle, you'll be able to talk to some locals and learn the opinion on current Galactic affairs as well as the events of the long forgotten past.

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The textures are based on those, created originally from the KOTOR ones and to be used in mod version for Jedi Academy (DP was for JO and then it was made for JA). Besides the textures, the level design has changed drastically through years. I guess it's only fair that we update the textures. However it's not in the nearest plans, except for skies, which we created in Terragen in the past.


As the new version of Terragen has been released, we've already updated the skies for several planets, but not all of them - Anarmar, Ord Mantell including. Dantooine is also planned, as well as Sulon. Both these planets are finished in the level design way, only lighting, md3 objects, some scripting might go through additional renovation and change.

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Oh dear, conflicting reviews... Too Dark and needs to be darker... Perhaps they meant the interior is too dark and the exterior too bright?


I'm blown away by the work though, it covers so much ground. The detailing on the interior is really amazing, but the geographical work on the exteriors impresses me the most.

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@Az'u Fer'al






Thanks to all of you and all others for kind words. Dantooine was a planet, which became one of my favourite worlds the very moment I played KOTOR for the first time. Adding it to Dark Pastime was a primary idea, before I created all other locations. I think, it made into our project even before Ord Mantel and Anarmar.


At the time (like 2005 or so) I didn't have any closest idea, how one can recreate these fields in Jedi Outcast, where the Player has so much freedom. The original areas were also so large! I had to do some tricks to make the hills look close to KOTOR version, though later I understood, that it is only for the better, that the area around Khonda doesn't resemble its original 100%. Yes, we have trees and we have grass, and the buildings have similar architectural style.


Obviously that it's been 4000 years since Revan and his team visited the plains, and the area should have changed somehow, thus in our levels you can see new farms around Khonda, the spaceport is also reconstructed, and the bridge is maintained with additional pillars. there is also a small dam and generator station.


The goal for us remains the same - add more atmosphere to Dantooine. I want some areas to have more trees than it was seen originally. I think it's fair, that the ruins of the Academy lie in the middle of small Blba forest.

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Wow! I know this topic is old, but I just discovered this project and your screens are amasing. Like you, NumberWan, I "fell in love" for Dantooine, and I would like very much to have this file in my database :) Is your project still in progress? Or is an available file to download? I really want to explore this map and see the differences between KOTOR and this one :)

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