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    A space map with multiple vessels? Now that is neat.
  1. For a first model this is honestly pretty amazing, looking forward to seeing more!
  2. How about Admiral Trench from TCW? Or perhaps has he been already made and I am unaware of that?
  3. Where you got that Elite from if I may ask?
  4. Didn't see any activity from them since late 2018. They may have closed.
  5. Well thanks, may the force be with you and have fun on your RP server (i think that what Szlakiem Jedi was, not sure). Thanks to everybody for help, i will have a great use of this lightsaber.
  6. We need only your file or we need yours and the pervious one ? Sorry for the dumb question but my knowledge is realy little at this point
  7. Soo the model link from bert contains a final working model ? Thanks gonna test it once im home
  8. So basicly now, the file has to be converted to glm. to work ?
  9. Soo what you say ? Cool enoguht to pick up on it ?
  10. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/35/fa/7d/35fa7de7aeb9136c898c6f0af468656f.jpg
  11. Dont think so. Also when i was searching trough request and files didnt see it.
  12. If someone makes it. Could he tag me in it ? Or leave a link here when hes done?
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