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  1. the demo is released today! https://www.moddb.com/mods/swga/downloads/star-wars-galactic-adventures-demo
  2. i think you cant link them to the func_train but you could spawn them in the right timing, about the train i would use the method like the train mission in jka where they used rail_mover , rail_lane and rail_track entitys, if i remember correctly there is the original map file of that mission somewhere here on jkhub
  3. i would also love to see more contests no matter if its from bad batch , clone wars , rebels or other current star wars stuff and i think the mandalorian contest have bring a lot new cool stuff to jka
  4. i wonder why this didnt won the contest, its definitly very good work
    Since "mjt" showed me that netradiant is possible to use for jka , i never touched gtk again i love netradiant!
    lol now we need just a disinefktion spray as weapon ?
  5. This is the wip thread for the Mod Galactic Adventures https://www.moddb.com/mods/galactic-adventures we will show our work here from time to time and want to talk with the community about that
  6. nice, im not sure if this is listed somewhere but i use this list : https://de.ws.q3df.org/level_design/errors/
  7. https://www.moddb.com/mods/galactic-adventures/images we are looking for people who have any modding ability 

    1. Futuza


      You should probably put a little more information about what you're wanting to accomplish with the mod, this is just a picture that means nothing and your main moddb page is not very descriptive at all.  Its hard to get anyone interested in modding a project they know nothing about.  Grammar issues and poor wording on your main page description is also not helping you out, " This mod will give you the galactic adventure yet!. It include: TWC, Rebels, Clone Wars Micro Series volume 1 and 2!. It also includes duels, battles and more!"

      Instead, try something along the lines of, "Go on a galaxy spanning adventure with Star Wars Galactic Adventures Mod.  Covering the beloved settings and characters from Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, we aim to..."
      ...then list your project goals including specific examples of what you expect each goal to accomplish and what makes your mod different from every other mod out there, etc.  Also be sure to show work you've already done, videos are the best.  If you don't have at least something done yourself that you can showcase, no one will ever help you.

      Just a tip, from a fellow modder. 

    2. Lwkill


      actually i have made all by myself that you see on the moddb page except the descriptions  that is made by a member. but thanks for the advice i will do some fixes on the mod page

  8. 358 downloads

    Author: Lwkill install : put the pk3 to your base folder deinstall : delete the pk3 from your base folder if you find bugs let me know
  9. 603 downloads

    Author: Lwkill This is a Christmas gift for the community Install: put the pk3 in your gamedata/base folder deinstall: remove the pk3 from your gamedata/base folder ^^ mapname: mp_imp_exec if you find bugs pm me
  10. have you try to give it a angle key? idk but i think a few effects dont work with info_null or target_position
  11. Lwkill



    Author: Lwkill (textures by ravensoftware) I have build this crates for my maps and now the community can use it too! you can ungroup entitys in gtkradiant 1.6.6 with Selection/ungroup entity ,cause the crates are func_groups
  12. https://www.bilder-upload.eu/bild-ab6e7d-1575701042.jpg.html updated version comes soon
  13. the work on dagobah was stopped first because i help atm to map for kotf
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