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I can't help you with what looks off. It doesn't look like a direct match to Jason, but if I was playing the game with that and then a cutscene with Jason played I could tell that he was the same character.


I'm not big on the whole "must look like the actual person at all costs" style of modelling. It's fine when it works, but I'm a-ok with modellers taking some creative liberties.


Have you considered using your new skeleton with any of these new models you are doing? It might be a good way of advertising your skeleton to the community.

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I'm not sure, but I think his jaw might be a little too slim?



this and I think the skin texture is too perfect/too smooth atm probably slightly wider cheekbones

I dunno you can tell it's Kyle though


May we see a side pic and maybe a 45° shot ?

the face might aswell be too round ,  mainly the jaw line

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Eyebrows look too steep inward to me, notice how the actor's eyebrows are more sloping to the side of the head instead of the middle. Part of it is that he's smiling but most of it is just natural, I'm guessing.

And yeah, the fact that he has a real beard and we have a skinned beard in JA is probably not helping the lower half of the face look like him. Could maybe make his chin bigger to make it look more like a fuller beard instead of paint, heh. The nose/cheeks area looks dead on to me! Hope that helps.

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