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Yes I've read the thread. Kyle as a character is not that cool, Voice acting in Jedi Knight Outcast and Academy made him interesting, acceptable, even funny.
I just hate that clothing he was given. Morgan Katarn looked like a hillbilly in JO and Kyle isn't far from it. I think this toy design would've been a better choise:


No offense @@DT85 but perhaps you want to concider creating an alternative Kyle after this project?

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Morgan was a farmer, and Kyle too, before going to the Imperial Academy. So I think their clothes are OK for what their work was. Also, in DF2 and JO Kyle was always mainly a mercenary, and having that Jedi robe would have just looked off. It simply wouldn't have been him. ;)

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by the time he joins Luke's academy as a master slash teacher, he should've ditched those farmer clothes and changed into something a bit more, Jedi -ish


Luke changed his white trash :D


Kyle wasn't at the academy often, he was usually doing work for the Rebel alliance, out on missions with Jan. It would make sense that he didn't have robes, they wouldn't serve the purposes he would need them for, I guess.

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This discussion is retarded anyway since NONE of the Jedi of the time even wore robes, they went out with the old Jedi Order.


This mod is intended to be a remake of the most popular game of the series on this engine, not to redesign characters to fit the tastes of some.

Good point, let's keep it original guys.

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