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  1. I think I have the near completed Executor level that someone redid. It was pretty impressive. Most of the old teams files are stored away on one my hard drives somewhere. Going to check out these maps though. Been craving to play this again.
  2. General rule of thumb is that as long as you give credit for his work you should be fine using his work.
  3. Any interest in creating a kell dragon or Vornskr?
  4. @@Jedi_Mediator. Map looks great. Maybe something to add. Both inside and outside the hull wreckage, maybe add piles of flaming wreckage. Keeps the feeling more lively and adds a sense that this ship actually did just crash. The hull structore itself, try making it less rigid. Everthing is still all nice and straight. See if you can add a few bends and twisted corners. Also with the inside of the hull, since we never fully know what section of the ship this was, theres a change to add almost anything, a med bay, storage bay, hangar etc. Obviously try to keep it semi open for the fight with Sariss but give it some additional eye pop. As for the outside, I noticed on anothers map that is leading up to your level, they added some vegitation etc. Maybe add that. Then theres that little stream running through the center, maybe add a water fall? Waters gotta come from somewhere I suppose.
  5. Looks pretty good. This would be my recommendation to you, flesh out the level more. If you can widen it out, and make it less sharp around the edges and more robust, that would be great. This is what Darkstar Mojo told me back in the day during the DFMod. Is while the goal is to bring back the the original game, you are on an engine that is way more robust than DFJK in the late 90's. Make it your own and bring it to life! You have a great start, keep it up!
  6. That first screen shot was ment for the cutsceen where Mara encounters the hut as an FYI.
  7. I personally feel that NS in KOTOR 2 was as bland as the JO version. Speeders are all good an what not but the lack of NPC's walking around really made it dull.
  8. MotS was a different engine. I belive it was called the Sith 2 engine. The only real bonus you got from it was dynamic lighting if memory serves me correctly.
  9. Looks really good. As far as adding that extra "pop" to the level, try adding pipes. One of the old DFMod team members was addicted to pipes, so much so that the WIPJabba ship level had them everywhere. But they looked like they belonged there. Maybe a few hanging cables as well.
  10. Perhaps I'm wrong but isn't Yun, for a lack of a better phrase, Teleported through the hole in the roof, vice the platform?
  11. The actors name is Rafel Weigel, there are plenty of pictures floating around on the web of him. I'm sure from his few movies and tv shows he did you can find some good face shots? I think this is still amazing though. Nice work
  12. map looks amazing. as an atheistic note, I would either a: add broken rock slabs to the top of the tab to simulate the map to the VotJ, or have the table destroyed and in pieces mixed with rock pieces. I believe in the original game map itself the table was destroyed and the cutscene show Yun doing that with his lightsaber. Just my two cents really. Still looks amazing. :-)
  13. Isnt that what happens in MotS? didn't the AT AT pilot drop after you put down the AT ST?
  14. Maybe I'll try a fresh install and see if that helps.
  15. the ones in the build dl yes? Yes I am.
  16. Tried giving this a run through. I kept receiving an error saying cannot find weapon model for weapon. Also for me after the story crawl it went into the JA opening sequence. Not sure where I went wrong.
  17. I like them both actually. I've always been a support of have various types of characters through a game. It makes the environment more believable. Nice work.
  18. Does the OJP file go into the DF2 Folder or in the base folder? I just updated the files from the last beta, so before I check this out I want to make sure I have everything where they need to be.
  19. I was doing some thinking today and realized that the Sarris map will be the only level that you would need a light/dark side variant. The Boc and Jerec one should only be a coding issue.
  20. Dig the new menu. It has the feel of the original which I love.
  21. The Imperial Commando from the DFMod is Haps. I would suggest using the same one as to limit the amount of time you spend on each model? that's just me however :-)
  22. Awesome work! I think it completes this pig for sure.
  23. I think you should add civilians to the NS levels. They always seem so vacant to me.
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