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Something that could be improved is the cloth pattern, it is barely visible from the last shots, problem is the pattern is too small and gets lost, in games it's always a good idea to scale that kind of pattern bigger so it is are readable from a distance and doesn't cause moiré effect like on tv sets. You can clearly see it in Pande's screenshots how big it actually is.

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It's not even finished being ported on MP, then it will need performance tweaks. Then there's also adding a bloom-driven dynamic glow and fixing up sprites. It will take a while, and we will most likely have a proper demo out before then. So it's either we halt production or keep going.

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This looks awesome man!!!  While I agree the top of his head kinda looks like Brainiac, it still looks B.A!!!!  Maybe when you have a break release an older looking verison for the JO HD???  Just thinking out loud kinda.......  :-)  awesome job again.

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I'd feel a lot better about it if someone could code in a holstering system. Otherwise, it will just look weird. I'm thinking of removing the Briar from its holster for this same reason.

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