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@ZanderNao Thanks but that doesn't look like the droid I was looking for :P LOL. That in fact is the real deal; one ugly motherf***ng model which is over ten years old by now.

I'm interested in something much better looking, like the one that @Omega teased us with, though it seems to be a ''mere re-skin" but it looks really good compared to the original.

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For any Predator fans out there who have seen the movie Predators, got the current Predator model for JKA and got a hold of a skin mod for the Tracker Predator and thought I would touch it up to make it look more movie accurate with adding the tusks on the mask. I also applied a shader to the mask to give it a metal look as well as rescaling the head to look more accurate since the original size looked a bit small on the body.

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