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  1. So, I saw this a while back and thought it was a really cool design. I have no idea what it's from or if it's just someone's original character, but regardless I'm sure many others like myself would love to see him in JKA.
  2. I've noticed that there's almost no variation for the game's rocket trooper (aside from the reskins from Ultimate Jedi Academy mod from nearly a decade ago). I really like the look of the Jet Trooper in BF2 and it would be great to see it in game, working jetpack and all.
  3. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Andeddu the Immortal?
  4. I would assume this is a more general issue that's been slowly building to this point. If anything this dude was just the straw that broke the camel's back. In all fairness, he was kind of being annoying about it, but I wouldn't necessarily put all the blame on him specifically.
  5. Hi, this this a minor gripe, but is it possible to adjust the positioning of the shield so it wraps around the arm?
  6. Download link seems to be broken
  7. Seems a bit empty without those friendly faces everywhere and humble folks without temptation
  8. dude, that looks awesome! can you please do a Ven Zallow version? I've always loved the Jedi armor design
  9. The inquisitors still existed in the Expanded Universe. Jerec being a good example.
  10. This is looking amazing so far, but may I make a suggestion? I think DT's First Order Stormtroopers variants would be better for this. Considering the game takes place 8 years after RotJ, it would make sense for the armor to evolve. Then again, I just personally like the sleeker appearance of the FO Stormtroopers better so I'm probably just biased lol.
  11. This seems to be the official design of the helmet if you want a more accurate reference.
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