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  1. sry for bad screens D: Maybe in the future i will make screens with modview
  2. Version v1


    Another improved but now for these guys. In my opinion they were look the same : not sith like. So i change their faces (reborn boss has now beard), change some their armor and i changed a icons in multiplayer. Also i add in the mp a reborn master skin. And i have a question to the modellers (i dont know how to modelling ), Someone should add these guy a mask or something like reborn new has. It wpuld be cooler. (sry for english i am polish)
  3. Version v2


    What can i say... i give you another type of lightsaber caps ... I think that these are better then version 1 (they have animation too) and they look i think better then before. You decide ^^
  4. 430 downloads

    All of you i think saw a strange eyes in this model. Well and this reborn looks too quiet even he is a sith. So ... i changed them. Face and eyes ... In my opinion they are more sith like than before. And i changed icons in multiplayer
  5. Thanks mate ...I Have a problem with it I know there are to jpg files caps and caps_glow :< but i dont know how to do it really good (sry for english i am polsih)
  6. Version 0.1


    I made a new look of caps ... Maybe You will like it (sry for english i am polsih)
  7. Well i must say that ... this map is one of the best maps for jk3 ever... Epic Work Dude ! (sry for english i am polish)
  8. Nice map but i think You should add something like crates or something ... There is too much free space :/ Anyway awesome !
  9. My God this is Awesome ! It looks so good right now... Motion blur is ver very laggy on my computer D: Dammit i must buy new one Q_Q
  10. Awesome! It is buggy when dismember but still... Awesome!
  11. This is godlike ... So many new epic models And weapons One of the best mods i have ever seen ... Good Job guys Ps. You should add Demons It would be nice
  12. Langerd


    I must say that your textures kick ass man ! Very cool skin
  13. Awesome map somebody should make world war 2 mod and use this map for one mission (I dont makes mods and models ... i am only good in ideas)
  14. This model is buggy ... It is for ooutcast not jk3 ... When you play single player stormcommander is strange :/
  15. Langerd

    Boba Fett

    I have two questions ... First : could somebody make boba fett that can be killed but with boba fett class? This would be awesome Second question... Can somebody fix that model? because when i change boba fett model in single player with that one ... Fire come from his butt and fire from jetpack doesnt exist D: (sry for english i am polish)
  16. Langerd

    F.E.R Sector

    awesome map ... But i think that the ship should have cockpit and we could walk into it (sry for my english i am polish)
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