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  1. Hello JKHub folk please upload my map for jk2 thank you so much I even found his read me yet another Booya JJ Classic!!
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    Map made by Booya aka Doobie Stu I found his readme ____ _ __ __ __ _______ _ __ __ __ __ __ / __/ | | / / / / / / /__ __/ | | / | / / / / / | / / / /_ | | / / / / / / / / | | / | / / / / / | / / / __/ | |/ / / / / / / / | |/ /| |/ / / / / /| |/ / / /_ | / / / / /___ / / | / | / / / / / | / /____/ |__/ /_/ /_____/ /_/ |__/ |__/ /_/ /_/ |__/ ********************************************************************* TITLE: Evil Twin GAME: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast MP AUTHOR: d00bie stu FILENAME: jj_eviltwin.pk3 FILESIZE: 17.3 mb DATE RELEASED: 11 September 2006 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: unzip jj_eviltwin.pk3 to base. DESCRIPTION: evil twin is a near- symmetrical map with two towers opposite eachother. each side of the map has its own lighting/atmosphere, one good, one evil. this map is good for ctf and sniping because of its symmetry and two towers (for the snipers). this map has many areas for consecutive duels to take place, and it has an underground maze that leads to a council type room as well. the maze entrance is tricky to find, but in the 'good tower', using the 'use' button while standing on the bench activates a trap door. there is a pit to jump into with a small opening in the wall part way down that leads to some stairs and into the maze. in the case that the player does'nt make it into the opening, the bottom of the pit is filled with water and is impossible to get out of (with the exception of drowning of course). The 'evil tower' also has a trap door which leads to a completely different secret area. There are a few other secrets, but you will have to find them on your own. 😃 it has gun/ammo support, but not all. holocron mode is not supported. botroutes are included. there are some health and armor pick-ups around the map too. BUGS: some lighting issue that made colored light show up on random surfaces. it might have something to do with the light-emitting shaders or the texture set. don't expect much from the bots on ctf mode either. THANKS: jj posse, hooka, twist, deathdealer, reefer, darkblade, snake, killer, stix, gras, floyd, punisher, teethteeth, siNNer, deadly, snakeman, impact, jsa, lestat, lethal, arc, lm, ls, es, anyone who was a tester, and of course, lucasarts, jk2files, and raven software. MUSIC: Op. 32, H. 125- No. 1, 'Mars, the Bringer of War'. Composed by Gustav Holst. Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Conducted by Andre Previn.
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    special clan map made by my good friend Doobie Stu aka Booya it was his last map before he vanished who knows maybe one day he will return I must honor him this is a good map and I know the JK2 world will love it.
  4. JJxHookZx

    CE Nightwish


    CE Nightwish ============ Author: JJ Hookz, Credit goes to Lucas Arts/Raven FILE SIZE: 854.47 kb Filename: nightwish.pk3 Description: Storm Pilot with a fire shader, Blue and Red Storm Pilot with different kind of shade. Pretty basic thank you Lucas Arts.
  5. I kind of forget where I took the screen shots. lol
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    TITLE: The Ghost Leets skin pack GAME: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast MP AUTHOR: JJ Hookz, JJ Twist, JJ Reefer E-MAIL: darthhookz@gmail.com WEBSITE: s3.zetaboards.com/jedijunkies FILENAME(s): ghosttwist.pk3, ghosthookz.pk3, ghostreefer.pk3 FILESIZE: 5.94 MB DATE RELEASED: 6/23/2013 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: unzip the pk3 files to base. DESCRIPTION: All of them are our clan skins with the Ghost Ben shader The Ghost Twist skin is a fix becasue there were problems with the other on on the Leets skin pack THANKS: JJ:Twist- for the inspiration to make skins JJ Hurricane- for teaching me how to make skins JJ Reefer for making JJ L33t and the Rest of the Jedi Junkies for keeping the clan spirit alive. Story: When we made the Leets there was only 3 of us. Twist,Reefer and myself as time went on The Leets got larger because of all the great and wonderful things people brought to the Jedi Junkies.
  7. I've been trying to upload a skin pack it only has 3 skins in it and every time I go to upload it on here it says the file is too big and it's only 5MB.
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    TITLE:The Lost Maps of Jedi Junkies ffa_sabrosa shambala nameste bodhisattva GAME: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast MP AUTHOR: d00bie stu E-MAIL: d00b-e@hotmail.com WEBSITE: http://www.freewebs.com/d00b FILENAME: JJ_Shambala.pk3 jjnamaste.pk3 ffa_sabrosa.pk3 JJ_Bodhisattva.pk3 FILESIZE: 39.7 MB DATE RELEASED: UNKNOWN INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: unzip pk3 FILES to base. DESCRIPTION: The Lost Maps of JJ. The Junkie Legend Booya made these maps to give a home for the Jedi Junkies As time has past no one really knew about these maps just the core members of JJ. I bring you these maps to jkhub so that what little community that is left in JK2 can see them. BIG THANKS TO DOOBIE STU AKA BOOYA FOR MAKING ALL THE MAPS FOR JJ HE IS PART OF THE REASON JJ LIVES. <3
  9. JJxHookZx

    JJ DeathDealer

    Version v2


    Skin name: DeathDealer2.pk3 Author(s): JJ Hookz and DeathyD File Size: 2.89 MB Description: Rodian skins The deafult is Green with JJ on the chest, Jedi and Junkies on the arms, and Death on the back. also has a red and blue team skin with really cool shaders. Special Thanks: DeathyD for all the great years and service to the Jedi Junkies.
  10. JJxHookZx

    CE Lunatik skin

    Version v2


    CE Lunatik Skin ================ Chiss skin with no shirt and a wicked tattoo on the back. He wanted a red and blue team skin so I made him a new version of it. Size: 2.02 MB Author: Hookz File Name: lunatik.pk3
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