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  1. yessss someone please. jedi academy needs more people making player models and stuff in general lately
  2. yes!! To be honest we need more player models from other franchises in general, but ESPECIALLY lady d! i hope a person skilled in modelling and skinning sees this
  3. Im wanting to see someone try to do this, i would do it myself but i suck terribly at modding as is, let alone skinning and modeling a new player model
  4. same!! i NEED bot support to really enjoy these maps, i've always preferred bots
  5. these do need more spawn points in them cause bots keep crushing each other each time and its annoying af
  6. i can tell this map is really well made, i LOVE large, thought out maps like this, and the fact that it has botroutes makes it playable for me as i dont really play online often
  7. thank you so much, i appreciate it just did some gameplay with the talon mod and it actually does and looks pretty well now. the only thing that is still an issue is that it tends to crash if you use the custom option. still, better than it not working at all.
  8. any chance you could either fix the link to that, or something?
  9. i clicked on it but it keeps saying connection reset whenever i try to download it
  10. Hey, the link for the image fix for darth talon v2 skin isn't working, it keeps saying the website connection has reset. can you look into it?

  11. Hey i got a problem, everytime i try to join a server in mp my game crashes with a failure to compile message when i use the talon v2 model, and i know i didnt have v1 installed. any chance you know how to fix it?
  12. looks pretty good. hope someone makes a botroute for it one day, so i can enjoy it. (never been an online multiplayer kinda guy)
  13. Ikr. I legit prefer playing with bots and it sucks seeing such a nice map like this basically be unplayable for me
    Really good update with good sounds, hopefully someone will be able to transfer this to an equestria girls version of her
  14. Sounds great! Would be much improved as well, if someone would pair this sound mod with an equestria girls version of her, to improve visibility for the player and to be a bit more simplistic to use.
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