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  1. Put at least a little effort in this. We gave you working shader and proved it works. Now it's your turn to combine this into what you want. No hard feelings - i just try to encourage you into modding itself. Just try, mess araound with shaders, discover new things.
  2. It works. Here's a screenshot. Protocol without glow and your version of protocol with glow. And here is a link ^^' https://copy.com/2SO6KpuPVetCrk8p/zz_K3PO.pk3
  3. models/players/protocol/k3po_face { q3map_nolightmap q3map_onlyvertexlighting { map models/players/protocol/k3po_face rgbGen lightingDiffuse } { map models/players/protocol/k3po_face_glow blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE detail glow } }It should work.
  4. models/players/XYZ/xyz { cull disable { map models/players/XYZ/xyz rgbGen lightingDiffuse alphaFunc GE128 } }This should work.
  5. Hej, mnie w to nie wciagac. Z tym exporterem sie jeszcze nie zaznajomilem. Wiec akysz. Ale fakt faktem - zmienial pozycje meshy[np heada] na moich oczyskach 3dsmaxie - a po eksporcie magicznie sie pojawiały w ''domyslnym'' miejscu.
  6. plain and simple. During export - switch from EDIT MODE to OBJECT MODE
  7. Sorry for being archaeologist but.... why this file was put down? It was pretty cool model (even if ported) and i would like to add this file to my collestion ^^' Is there any way to reupload it,send via email or something like that?
  8. Hello! I'm glad to hear you've finaly released your awsome mod! If you have problems with linux build i suggest you to use this in makefile: It works with "my version of openRP based on OJP". So if you have any problems with linux build - i can probably help you As for ''giving yourself admin'' etc - you can also use SQLite Database Browser for altering database, save it and then upload it to server (no server restart needed! ) Suggestions(or rather wishing list) so far? -hologram function (i'm pretty sure it's broken right now) -improvement to distance based chat. instead of "not visible" long distance chatting - maybe make them just blurry? I know - it's a long shot. -jk3 to mysql database bridge. (for example - you register in your website instead ''just ingame'', export stats (like playing time, kills, frags, ammount of credits?) to website etc.
  9. Jedi Knight III.... Why, oh whyy :C BTW: Jedi Knight III and Jedi Outlaw = same logo?
  10. Well...just one. Sadly - there isn't many OJP public server.
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