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  1. Pretty cool download Could you also do this one maybe (Enhanced Assailant Armor)? One of the coolest SWTOR pieces imho.
  2. Power Duel in OJP .. takes pure skill to best 2 opponents and it keeps you on your toes
  3. Title says it all Geralt of mutha f*in Rivia aka "The Witcher" aka "The White Wolf" Now, there's already a model ported into Skyrim that can be found on nexusmods.com and the beauty of it is that CD Projekt RED (the devs who created the game) confirmed that they're ok with models being ported to other games either that or doing a new Geralt from scratch? I think this would be a cool one to have in Jedi Academy seeing how he's a master swordsman and all. Picture Geralt dueling Darth Vader or Darth Maul that would be so epic. What do you think guys? Cheers!
  4. Long live OJP! One of the best things to ever hit JK:A ..this and DT85's Darth Maul
  5. Dead right there you know..Juggernaut suit then?
  6. (man am I going to get heat for this): Jar-Jar rofl just kiddin' umm, this might not be really tying into the movies but you could try this bad-a55 one (it's a discontinued armor set from TOR; a lot of people went berserk when it was taken out): https://www.dropbox.com/s/6m24j46h2p9ljpp/l50_sith_juggernaut-2.png ...seeing the Qui-Gon one come along, I can't say I can think of any other cool one atm..maybe Darth Sion as he's depicted in TFU or even StarKiller in his arena combat gear?
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