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  1. I ran into a problem that caused some added skins to stop being displayed in the selection menu even after reducing their number. I use quite a lot of skins and I would like to save them all somehow As well as missing the standard base customization of the Jedi
  2. Have good day. I cant found that topic on forum so can u help me please with it?
  3. Have good time. Jedi. I am and my mates make RP server with new version of OJP 1.2 mod, basic on OpenJk. but faced a serious problem related to the lack of necessary animations in it. (amwait, amsit, surrender and ect.) I have no idea to take that because ja+ started with himself .bat file :<
  4. So i really wanted to found mod for that obviously a cool thing, but nowhere seen something like that
  5. Anyway color2 is not changed blade color. all blades have color from 1 command (First of all i mean Staff saber. NOT duals)
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