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Crash on Tatooine

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Author: Mercenary


A student of the Jedi Academy is sent on a mission to investigate a rumored shuttle crash on the Outer Rim planet of Tatooine.


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This is a VERY well made level. It's a little short, but fun and challenging. It is VERY well made, it has many flawless cutscences for you to enjoy.

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I agree. The Reborn fights are fairly challenging, requiring patience and precision. And the cutscenes are well-done with good (and slightly funny) voice acting.

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First custom SP level I have ever played for JKA. Short, but the voices are well done, and excellent story. Definitely worth downloading.

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This is a very well made mini-mission made by Mercenary. I was very impressed by the quality of this mod, and it was very enjoyable 

and fun to play through. In this mission, you are a student from the Jedi Academy, sent to investigate an imperial shuttle crash. The shuttle turns 

out to be much more valuable than previously thought, and sooner or later some reborn thugs show up to thwart your efforts. While this little 

mission is short, the author gives us plenty of action and adventure to play through. With that, let me start with some technical aspects. 


One thing that impressed me right off the bat was that the author modified the new game menus, so it launched the mission from there, 

instead of making the player /map it, which is very professional. Next up, we are greeted with a well-made text crawl and something very 

surprising: a space cutscene. Cutscenes in space are always a little tricky to pull off, but when they are done right, they really add that polish to 

the mod. The cutscenes on this level were simply phenomenal! The camera movement and angles were stunning and the voice acting really wasn't 

half-bad. As the player progresses through the level, the author implements one of the most under-used elements of JA: the swoop. Mercenary 

has beautifully crafted a canyon for the player to ride through, slicing through pursuing thugs as you go. From there, the player encounters most 

of the action, including an angry attack from the local Tusken Raiders, and an intense duel with reborn warriors. I recommend saving your game 

frequently, because the reborn can be very difficult to beat. The author also includes custom briefings and checkpoints, which is something nearly 

every SP author forgets. To wrap it all up, the mapping was great and a custom credit roll ends this well-made mission. 


This mod was very fun to play, and was surprisingly challenging, a nice break from my god-mode enabled duels. Some minor things I 

didn't like were the lame quips of dialogue and a couple ui/gfx bugs, but really nothing to take away from the overall mod. Once again, this mod 

was made very well, and is almost on par with some of the original SP campaign missions. Excellent work!

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The final boss took me like half an hour to beat. This was my very first custom JA single player map, and i must say, It was amazing! Custom character lines, Custom cutscenes, Insanely hard final boss, i think that you overdid yourself! Also for those who want to load this map with console the command is: /devmap cot

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First Mod I've downloaded - overall, it is a very well made and entertaining Mod! I love the bosses here, they make you think out your own strategies to beat them.

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