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  1. Clan day, all welcome. June 25th.

  2. Whew...JKA is no longer how it use to be, so many clans banning players over silly reasons. Can't even private msg own guild mates because "being suspicious" talking abou the "big guilds"

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    2. TheWhitePhoenix


      Great....Don't tell me that the thin skinned fools of this generation have found themselves here....Not, you BTW, Bacon.

    3. Artemis


      What server was this on? That's ridiculous.

    4. Seven


      Where do clans resonate? Do people play multiplayer besides MB2?

  3. Well...Boba fett UU, broke so I lost my kill tracker, worth 3 years of stats. GONE

  4. Found guide to "install" ja++, very helpful. Still seems to lack the ja+ feel.

    1. eezstreet


      Err...could you be a bit more specific..? "JA+ feel"? I'm pretty sure any mod can emulate the "feel" of sitting around chatting all day xD

    2. Omicron


      Maybe it's the lack of new loading screens you see for < 10 seconds

  5. Found 4 makermod servers, all empty. :(

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    2. Bacon


      well when servers are empty and most people wont join servers that have no players on them, or they have the "empty server" listing off. add a bot in Spec at least.

      I joined one of the servers, like some crazy magic all the knowledge from making stuff came back to me, but I can't remember my mothers birthday.


    3. Onysfx


      Heh ya. I mean since the makermod source code is released, surely more stuff can now be added to the mod? One feature that would really be useful is allowing mmoving objects to be used while moving and not stop moving, and objects to keep moving even if blocked by noclip players.

    4. Bacon


      I love to have a feature, block noclip :P or create "zones" that will either kill you or kick you out/spawn back at spawn if you dont have permission.

  6. Does it have to be "Jk" related or Star Wars related....find the lack of responsible alternations or options, disturbing. xD
  7. Tried JA++, missing so many features.

    1. Exmirai


      what features?

    2. Omicron


      Ghost hits and the spinning hook on the end of the grapple

    3. Circa


      You like ghosting, Omi? Or you saying JA++ has those things?

  8. Wow I read this whole thread thinking someone made a Guide by now, I was wrong. >.> All I got was, download mod and drop into "correct" placement, it will work. But it don't
  9. Bacon

    #nL.Cube: Interview

    I love these talks and meetings. "best saberists of all time" when all time isn't really all time, but current. Nobody remembers any of the former players in JKA anymore.
  10. DJE is recruiting. ^__^

  11. trying out for voice acting

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    2. CommanderXeph


      We need someone with a deep voice for our show. Interested? lol

    3. Fuse294


      Maybe? If I had more info!

    4. CommanderXeph


      PM me if you want info.

  12. well not surprised a lot of Germany, France, etc peeps. *Eastern USA
  13. Happy New YEAR

    1. Onysfx


      Happy new year. May 2016 be the year politcal correctness finally dies.

  14. Fixing clans wiki pages

    1. Ping


      aka updating member and rank changes?

    2. Bacon


      Updating what I find that needs to be fixed or changed. so much..work

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