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  1. Clan day, all welcome. June 25th.

  2. Whew...JKA is no longer how it use to be, so many clans banning players over silly reasons. Can't even private msg own guild mates because "being suspicious" talking abou the "big guilds"

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    2. TheWhitePhoenix


      Great....Don't tell me that the thin skinned fools of this generation have found themselves here....Not, you BTW, Bacon.

    3. Artemis


      What server was this on? That's ridiculous.

    4. Seven


      Where do clans resonate? Do people play multiplayer besides MB2?

  3. Well...Boba fett UU, broke so I lost my kill tracker, worth 3 years of stats. GONE

  4. Found guide to "install" ja++, very helpful. Still seems to lack the ja+ feel.

    1. eezstreet


      Err...could you be a bit more specific..? "JA+ feel"? I'm pretty sure any mod can emulate the "feel" of sitting around chatting all day xD

    2. Omicron


      Maybe it's the lack of new loading screens you see for < 10 seconds

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