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    Heh, nice one. I saw the survivor challenge, the other day and wondered if we could find the character.
  2. Pretty amazing! If that's your first model, that's awe-inspiring good quality, dude!
  3. Thanks, I will try those! EDIT: Thank you. Punisher, I followed your advice in the thread you linked and it worked.
  4. Hello, this is my first topic here, so I am sorry if I did a mistake. As I mention in the title, I need some help with adding custom skins to Single player character creation. So, I downloaded some files(specifically the Chagrian spieces, a Ventress and a KIt Fisto) and I want to include them is SP Character Creation. The Ventress pack installs just fine by default. But I have problems with the other two. All the necessary fiels are there, in the models folder. .skin files, tga and jpeg, icons and a playerchoice(made by me, just the default *white entry). Even added the MENU entry, although it is optional. Am I missing something here? Any help offered will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Antonis EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention that the models don't work when 'called' with the console code for playermodel skins,too.
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