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  1. bro looking back on old my old stuff I did I feel nostalgia about all the failed communities I did XD

  2. We default to using Ord_mantell_RP but we also have other maps, they can be found on the website. We have a Custom SWTOR-Ported Skinpack and a Saberpack which I am waiting to get the link We do not really need any extensive mods. Come around and try us and we'd be happy to help you
  3. Bump Cmon, I can't find ports anywhere, I need help :/
  4. Sure I could find Ripped MODELS, but I am looking through the entire site unable to find the Weapon models, only for Battlefront 3 by Free Radical, I may need to do that instead.
  5. For the final product I'll use the Original Battlefront 3 Sounds. You can get the sound effects from the game itself if you know what to do. I'm just wanting the models so I can use them.
  6. Hey there guys. (YES I KNOW I MADE A SWTOR REQUEST THREAD STOP YELLING). (I actually looked and Can't find these) I am looking for SW:TOR Blaster Rifle models I can use in a Mod I'm making, it's a mod to replace the JKA Weapons with SW:TOR Weapons. Reference pics for the designated Weapons: New Hilt/Saber Training Saber E-11/Blaster Rifle Heavy Repeater Golan Arms/Flechette/Shotgun Bowcaster Disruptor Blaster Pistol And that's it. I can do audio and effects, just need the models.
  7. I am looking around and the only stances from games I see are just the KOTOR Stances, and I cannot find any SWTOR Stances. If possible, Saber stances and Gun stances would be nice to have and give a nice aspect to the Game. Reference pics for what order the Saber styles should go in Blue Yellow Red Dual Staff / Dual Bladed Blaster / Pistol If this is possible, I would love to see it. I seen alot of different stuff, this shouldn't be hard, right? The Blue,Yellow,Red stuff is kind of thought out in my opinion. Blue(Sage)'s Stance is meant to be quick Yellow(Knight)'s Stance is Defensivish. Red(Warrior)'s stance is meant to be damage dealing. If you can do the Red's Lunge to be him flipping at his enemy that'd be amazing.
  8. I want to play on a Ja++ server with an animation mod (Specificly https://jkhub.org/files/file/1154-jamyzgenius-first-choice-animations/) It won't run the stances. How can I make this work?
  9. Because my Staff didn't like me and/or held a grudge I have not heard about. I have some friends I had for a long time I think may help rebuild. Thanks man, give me a hollar on steam: steamcommunity.com/id/TronTheGamer (Name: Spastic Chinchilla) I don't even think you were apart of the Roleplay anyways. So how do you know about it sucking, yes, it did kind of suck and we had to result to other things than proper server hosting, so if you have anything else to say that you have knowledge of, you can back off and go tell someone else their hard work sucks. Thanks, not many people get that around these parts.
  10. It's funny to see how this is a hot topic when it's next to dead. I may as well revive this if I decide to revive it. EDIT: And seeing as how my entire staff turned on me a while ago and banned me, I decided to just stop entirely.
  11. However it can revive if I gather enough members to revive it.. But nobody was interested.
  12. Sadly, due to reasons, I was unable to continue the Roleplay due to activity issues
  13. We have updated the lore, I will speak to Leeroy about changing the ore on here, go ahead and log onto our website and take a peak, we are accepting new staff members
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