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  1. hopefully, the ones with jet packs will be given the ability like the jettroopers because it's not there when you use the NPC tool
  2. the NPC tools needs some updating. Or in this case since the original creator is nowhere to be found anymore: the NPC tool needs a successor/remake
  3. in another situation, got the model preped, tried to test it in my game and it crashed and i get this error in modview
  4. safe to say that this is an idea that hasn't been explored yet, the only mod i can think of that uses openjk is jedi fighters
  5. just out of curiosity, what if you were to make a mod that uses these high-poly models, how could you get the mod to work on openjk
  6. looking forward to seeing the new version
  7. that and add the actual sounds the darksaber actually makes
  8. I want that Pre Viszla XD and to reskin it to look like his other look later in the clone wars show
  9. it seems that the head takes different names, according to mod view
  10. https://jkhub.org/topic/8291-face-textures-not-working/ having issues with my frankensteined model
  11. Hello, I am new to modeling for jedi academy, I recent frankensteined me a model out of practice, I've been having a hard time trying to get the facial textures for this model to work, I had it setup in the model_default but everytime i test my model, I still can't get the textures to display. and everytime i try to fix it in and launch it in modview I get this type of error: oh and i'm having eye problems too If you know how I can fix this, please let me know, i will be forever grateful because this is irritating
  12. To be honest, I think this looks more closer to Bossk http://www.moddb.com/company/jedi-knight-jedi-academy-modders/addons/improved-trandoshan-head
  13. there is, but for the movie battles 2 mod. I think this rey model is also in that mod too. i wonder if the modeler is working on putting the kylo ren model for regular jedi academy
  14. found a two problems i found when trying out this mod: for dark apprentice model, when selecting the hood, it'll just show the hooded head texture and no hood appears and when playing with him in the singleplayer, he has the female dialogue for some reason
  15. as do I but i got a small complaint: for some reason in the jkplus thingy when the combat music starts, it doens't end. it won't go to the non-combat music
  16. I don't know why but for some reason when i'm about to block blaster bolts or a lightsaber blade in game i get some ran out of transform space error
  17. is it possible that you can make a jk2 version of this?
  18. all we need now is darth nihl himself to go with the lightsaber =P
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