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  1. wasn't there a discussion on how difficult it would be to port him without any compromises? you might as well kitbash/frankenstein him
  2. maybe include an accurate recreation of the temples interior?
  3. any chance we'll get a dark jedi version too?
  4. Is it ironic that he was the inspiration for the characters name? lol
  5. Lord Skere Kaan from the Jedi vs Sith comic https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/1/19/Lord_Kaan_EGF.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130129193440 along with a alternate head where he has a bandage (which is my avatar funnily enough) https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/2/2d/Kaan-crazy.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20180302064829
  6. i hope you don't mind my making a suggestion for one?
  7. if i may ask: are you planning on making anything from scratch or are you just doing straight ports at the moment?
  8. heck, we have post armor krayt but the one thing that handicaps him is the fact there's no second blade that comes out of his lightsaber if you put one in his left hand
  9. I'm just gonna wait for Jeff to finish whatever he's working on and for him to announce when he's open for more ideas because i don't think he needs anymore requests at the moment
  10. MY GOD, IS Beotiful... STAHP ET!!!!!!!!!
  11. This is why having other interests boosts patience, that's how I wait for future stuff and not get angrily impatient. Hell, I almost forget about it until I check jkhub once in a while LOL
  12. Any chance you'd go back into your catalog of models and give them SP support (or would that too tedious of a task?) or give future releases SP support?
  13. At this point I'm willing to give someone the files so they can figure out what's going on that I'm too clueless to figure it out myself because I still can't figure it out I pretty much gave up, given how it's been almost 2 months since any activity on this.
  14. as for weighting, i don't know. I'm a noob to that stuff. Almost to the point of rage refering to this topic I made a few months back, I still need help on that damn model https://jkhub.org/topic/10580-trying-to-add-a-new-part-on-my-model-but/
  15. for me, i managed to learn how to make (crappy) SP supports for myself, So I'm not complaining. You'd think someone out there would come in, and make the SP supports immediately after you release a model or something
  16. i hope you don't mind me asking: do you plan on making a version of Maul from Solo: a Star Wars Story?
  17. I don't suppose it's possible to recreate Desolous from scratch but reuse parts like his head, shoulderpads and textures or something?
  18. did he try the PSP version? also, from what i've seen from other ports, don't they just get replaced with the hand models from jedi academy?
  19. Desolous has to be the most requested character to be ported to jedi academy that I've seen lol and I don't blame people we already have his lightsaber, all we need is his shield and Desolous himself. i hope the better looking wii model is used. why is the wii model harder to port? is it the shield?, someone could just frankenstein the PSP models hands to the wii models that or if the PSP model is used, the wii models textures are used or something
  20. If you managed to get your mits on the KOTOR and SWTOR characters from galaxy of hereos would you import them into jedi academy?
  21. Still having that weight vertex problem, messed with the weight paint and i still can't figure it out to export my model.
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